WSG Exploit

I know it’s Beta and Blizz isn’t doing anything about cheating for whatever reason but you might want to fix this or ban those that abuse it as it destroys the game.


Blizzard should take action against people leaving the map in any BG. Best to take a video, take screenshots, report and post on forums. Also if enough people report they get auto-kicked to login screen

Lmao that owl guy was doing this to a bunch of people. Spent 3 hours In a bg. Finally got up their and killed him. It’s a terrain jumping exploit.

I was in a bg where this was happening but the rest of my team (alliance side) were explaining it as though, anyone can get up, so how can it be exploiting. No one would vote kick the Flag carrier. The flag carrier would run to the flag room if we were able to kill the horde FC but its exploiting without a doubt.

or how about all the UD mages starting the game in the alliance base!!!

134.8 FPS…oof what a junker.

LOL! This same player was defending his actions on his stream while the Horde “spite turtled” the Alliance for 3 hours. The Horde ultimately won too against the cheating Alliance. It was great to watch!

It def will be bannable after launch

The worst type of people always pick female NE’s.

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The Wall jump mechanics need to be removed too, not all races can equally jump over them. People are already abusing them far too much in these low level BGs and it’s def creating win/loss situations due to the using them.

I think they would be fine to keep them if all races could make the jumps, but that’s not where things are.

Fix Wall Glitching and jumpng spots. People are abusing the hell out of it