WSG, Druids and Cancer

WSG is not fun in classic. That is all.

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Then don’t play it… =/


Thanks Khlause not helpful.


Class checks out.

if only one team has a proper druid FC then yea it sucks but if both teams have an FC it’s pretty fun

You’re welcome, but I could not figure out what you don’t like about Warsong because you did not put that part.

Just starting your ranking journey or…?

I had cancer once. WSG is better.



pug wsg is not fun, but a proper comp with pots/consumes etc is worth playing. Ranking during the wsg meta was the best experience in classic tbh

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I gave you the answer that I thought your post deserved but I’ll give a real answer.

Everyone who does WSG knows druids are good FCs in Classic.

I ranked my druid with a premade team when that was the thing to do. I was progressively able to do better by learning all the tricks to the point where people called me and my team annoying. At times it was really fun. Those times being against similarly skilled teams.

I gave up on doing it with pugs when things would happen like I would get the flag, carry it back with no help, use my consumes and engi stuff, etc and then run around our base in circles where then my team would eventually tell me they couldn’t get the enemy flag back and to just drop it and throw the game. So with stuff like that, I was just well… I’m done. Like i’m spending gold on this and you guys are too bad to get a flag back with 8 people and want to throw the game. Not fun for me. I’ll still help my friends though… but I’m rustier now it’s been a year since I did it seriously.

The point is I have huge respect for druids who will FC especially for pugs and use all the tricks and jumps and everything else. There is a skill to doing well and they are just playing the game.


What? Wsg is amazing git gud

OP may have a point if they’re not playing at Level 60.

WSG is not fun at low levels in Classic because it’s all twinks, not levelers, so when you’re the lone leveler on your team it really sucks.

Bro I am just trying to get some marks. Just relax stop sweating it up.

I don’t mind running the flag but…

-Don’t expect me to know all the jumps, ain’t got time for that
-Don’t expect me to blow through a stack of FAPS in a pug while you guys derp around mid

Sometimes a brother just wants to moonfire some stuff

This explains a lot.

I played levelling toons in low level brackets exclusively and had a blast. About half the players are twinks but most aren’t particularly good players.

Keeping a druid snared isn’t particularly hard. Gut gud.

LOL x 2 :smiley:

Dude you really like to offer nothing to conversation. WSG is broken in its current state and is not fun the majority of the people.

WSG, Druids and Cancer

Imagine attacking the only Vanilla niche that Druids are really good at.

I bet “cancer” is whatever character this guy is hiding with his level 45 retail DK.