Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated January 9

Can you please add this feature to the companion (non-combat) pets as well?

why do this, but not include RDF? Queueing for a dungeon on a dps spcec’d toon can take a long time to pop, time i would use to complete dailies / grind gathering professions. WHY IS THERE NO LOGIC???


Any more details about what was changed here?

But how will i make friends now if we just get magically ported to the BG?

To make bots more visible maybe.

This is an awful change that just griefs genuine players farming dungeons, stop attempting to fix the botting issue with bandaid fixes that result in anti player decisions.


Well, looks like ill be grinding honor with a few friends at the Utgarde Keep GY! what a ridiculous change hahahaha!
And where are they gonna spirit res! :rofl:
Im so over trying to understand why blizz makes these changes, so ill just abuse them

It’s to prevent characters from getting hard stuck in the loading screen or getting teleported at the default graveyard(Westfall graveyard) after the daily reset.

What? But yall said that being being automatically added to a group and teleported to the instance broke social interaction and harmed the comunial aspect of the game!?


The community manager (lol) only trolls at this point. I mean he can take the time to like trolls post but just can’t seem to find a second to respond to any of this.

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Right? Now give us our RDF lol.

You dont make friends being stuck at the battle master?

There is 4-16x more social interactions in pvp vs 5 man dungeons.

for pvpers there may be, for pve’ers there is 25x more social interactions in RDF 5 man dungeons than in pvp… (see i can make up numbers too doesnt make them true.)

however, having played both i can tell you that in pvp there is far more of a toxic social interaction between players on the same team than there is toxicity in 5 man dungeons IN MY EXPERIENCE. i dont pretend to speak for others than those in my personal sphere such as friends and guildmates.

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Fixed an issue that caused the freeze visual effect to never expire.
  • Argent Dawn vendors for the Scourge Invasion can no longer be put into combat by players “at war” with them.
  • The loot table for Blue Sack of Gems now only includes loot from Onyxia’s Lair, as intended.
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Any chance we can get the scourge invasion mobs to spawn again?

Any chance on fixing scourge invasions soon? Nothing working on Earthfury alliance

Well I reckon sarcasm is lost on some people

if there was ANY indication it was sarcasm i dont think anyone saw it.

How about that there Classic Era Scourge Invasion? Turn that bad boy back on!