Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated January 9

A whole eight hours to find some tabards, fix a debuff and WHAT THE

are you kidding?

Did y’all have a team building day maybe head to Big Bear for snowboarding?
Post pix plz.

Still NOTHING about Wild Growth which has been broken for over 2 months…

Nice you guys are still alive! OPEN SULFURAS

I am so happy blizzard prioritized this pet/sap fix. I would hate for them to spend precious dev hours on the issues that are actually affecting their paying player base… Blizzard. If you are actually reading this… that was sarcasm.

Such a long maintenance and y’all didn’t even bother to fix the PVP flagging bug for engineers using bombs in Malygos? Y’alls maintenance is almost as bad as your support ticket response times now jeesh.

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes:

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

User Interface and Accessibility

  • The commentator UI will no longer display the number players remaining.

what is “The commentator UI”


Can we please get some attention in this thread:

Not too concerned of ETA, though others will differ on this opinion, but there’s been no comms.

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all 47 of them

thank goodness this bug was definitely on the top of my personal list of needing to be fixed

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes:

NOVEMBER 10, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic



  • Fixed an interaction with Roar of Sacrifice and pets that would cause the pet to take significant damage, usually killing the pet.

User Interface and Accessibility

  • Festering Emerald Drake is now correctly able to be mounted in Dalaran.

Please fix pet resilience! The are not benefitting from it at all!

Unlock Sulfuras, how long do you want it locked? you don’t answer a sh*t when we ask you on the main thread.

Please fix the hunter trap arm time and trap triggers on bosses. Sometimes traps don’t trigger at all even when placed in the middle of the boss’s hitbox.

@ Sanq How about the community getting an update/hotfix for faction changes? It is feeling as if the company does not care about the lost subscriptions and pleads for an update if not the change that was promised and yet to be received by the community.

Any chance of getting the “pet at 50% health when dismounting” bug that has been in since beta fixed? :frowning:

Why is the pay to obtain mount the only drake mount that can be used as a ground mount in restricted areas such as Dalaran, Azeroth, and battlegrounds?

There is now a distinction in drakes between real money and in game obtained. It should either be put back as a flying mount or the other drake mounts should be given the same functions.

look more fixes that arent fixing resto druids >2month long broken main AoE smart heal…cool.

Go cry in your private corner cheap skate

patiently waiting for the rdf announcement. :slight_smile: