Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated January 9

Thanks for quickly addressing and fixing an “issue” that was beneficial to players yet again. Make sure to take your time on pets spawning half dead and the thousands of DK bots plaguing every server. NBD.


Can we please have an update or signal the Name Change service is being fixed?

As far as I know this problems has been a thing fir at least 22 days now.

Here is a related thread in the bug submissions: Name Change BUGGED - #26 by Tacvi-whitemane

no RDF YET? still waiting for the announcement.


If rebirth can get reset on a 10 min cd then a 5 min glyphed ability can get reset.

Brez gets reset. Heroism gets reset. Blizz’s reasoning was that sitting around waiting for CDs “didn’t feel particularly engaging and could have a very negative effect on motivation and morale during progression raid nights.”

Yet here we are, waiting after sarth+3 wipes for things like army and fire ele. This problem will only become more apparent as ulduar hardmodes become available. Blizzard has the ability to nip the problem in the bud but they’re sleeping.


Here are today’s hotfixes to Wrath Classic:

NOVEMBER 1, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Art
    • Several ability’s animations and visual effects should now be displaying correctly (i.e. Will to Survive and Divine Storm).
  • Character
    • The Tauren Endurance racial bonus now works as expected.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes after a name change there are some areas in-game where the previous character name shows up.
  • Classes
    • Fixed an issue where Shamans could summon more than one elemental at a time.
  • Player versus Player
    • Losing a Random Battleground at max level will now correctly reward zero gold.
  • User Interface and Accessibility
    • Fixed an issue where some areas in the game would sometimes show your previous character name after a name change.

So is endurance 5% total health instead of the garbage 5% base health now or was the racial not even giving us that pittance?

Any word on the crackling audio bug that still plagues some people, that started during pre-patch?

So you have time to nerf a 200 DPS maximum bug but still can’t allow Fire Elemental Totem to reset like all other 10 min or less CDs (5 min glyphed).


Aww I didn’t even think to try summoning both of them. They always nerf our fun.

I thought it was strange that I could summon the second one b4 the 2 minutes was up on the first one, just didn’t make anything of it or tried testing it further.

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Yep it was glorious. Not much of a DPS gain since the earth elemental is very weak but it was something. Fun was detected though therefore removed. Thanks blizz.

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Would have been fun to throw both my boyz at some of the gankers I’ve encountered.

Atleast their priorities are in line. Bot and BF are still full of gibberish name DKs.

Random name generator gave me this one… its pretty gibberish

Still no fix for druids Wild Growth which is causing us to heal significantly less than other healers since it prioritizes not only pets, but also maggots, army of the dead, mirror images instead of players who need healing…only been bumping issue threads for this for a month…

Here are today’s hotfixes to Wrath Classic:

NOVEMBER 2, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Achievements
    • The Battlemaster achievement should now correctly grant the Battlemaster title.

“* * The Battlemaster achievement should now correctly grant the Battlemaster title.”

What % of the population even had battlemaster completed for you to make a hotfix before fixing, other easy to get achivements???

Fix wintergrasp ranger!

im not going away, still waiting for the announcement that rdf is coming back. and i will continue to bug about it. even as the servers drop in pop because you ignore people like me.


Yeah! Keep paying that sub until they give you what you want, Blizzard is sure to notice your cries for RDF.

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That’s nice. Unfortunately for you they don’t read forum topics or comments, so you’re speaking into an empty tunnel.

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