Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated January 9

still wondering when you will be listening to the overwhelming requests for RDF to be readded to the game. you still have yet to even comment on the questions.

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Hey so like… secondary stats on heirloom like hit rating are still not working…

This is coming from someone who has been posting about the heirlooms bug for days.

Just tested heirlooms after today’s hotfixes.

Secondary stats do indeed work. It just doesn’t display it on the character sheet now.

Tested on a level 13 warrior with Bloodied Arcanite Reaper, crit chance went down when removed. Crit chance went up when equipped. It just doesn’t show the numeric crit value. (ie. at level 13 Bloodied Arcanite Reaper gives a crit value of 4, character sheet does not reflect the 4, but the actual crit chance percentage goes up on the stat sheet)

Feel free to test, but after today’s hotfixes it has been reduced to a visual bug only. So level up those alts.

The scourge event still going on my server you sure you fixed it?

Hit and Resilience does not update on either value or %.

Looks to just be the base +4% crit for having a weapon equipped, as my warlock gets that from putting on the PvP staff that has hit resil spellpower, of which only the spell power works.

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Here are the recent hotfixes to Wrath Classic:

OCTOBER 14, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Deep Wounds no longer triggers from non-Physical damage, such as the Fiery Weapon enchant.
    • Developers’ note: Warriors have recently discovered that with the changes to Critical Strike Rating in Wrath, they can now get critical hits on spells quite often, and that those spell critical hits trigger Deep Wounds. Prior to Wrath, Warriors did not get increased spell critical chance from their gear. This discovery has resulted in players changing their enchantments on weapons to low-level enchantments that don’t do much damage, but can trigger Deep Wounds and gain a significant damage increase over intended level 70-80 enchantments. Deep Wounds was never intended to benefit from these enchantments. Because of how Deep Wounds works, this advantage would continue to grow as Warriors gain better gear with more Critical Strike Rating. Additionally, some Warrior players are now looking for additional sources of spell damage from low-level sources, that they could use to gain increased Deep Wounds damage. We feel that this would only become more problematic, so it’s best to resolve it quickly, before a lot of time and resources are invested into it. While it is a creative use of game mechanics, this would eventually be damaging to player and class fantasies, as well as very unintuitive for newer players.
  • Deadly Gladiator’s Tabard is now purchasable from Arena vendors for the duration of Arena Season 5.
  • Sapphiron has learned how to fly properly during the air phase.
  • Morlia Doomwing should now offer flights to eligible players from the Shadow Vault.
  • Figurine - Emerald Boar trinket will now properly match the player’s level.
  • Priest Trainers no longer offer the quest to teach Desperate Prayer.
  • Players can now travel safely on their flying mounts across Valgarde in Howling Fjord.

Still can’t dismount my DK flying mount…

I’m extremely glad we got rid of that pesky warrior bug. Wouldn’t want them becoming mid-pack DPS.


Is this a joke? You fix this in 15 hours but a rogue can use an item you forgot to change to crit rating to do 30k raid dps? God forbid D tier warriors get a 200dps increase though. Trash.


What’s funny is that this is how it was in OG wotlk, we just have the entire expac in its ‘final’ patch to spend time figuring sh*t like this out.

Wouldn’t want warriors to beat a ret on single target now would we?
But Dks snapshotting their gargoyle with no haste cap is fine, right? Bravo blizzard, no consistency as usual.


RDF Please.


Its wild they fixed this so fast when Taste for Blood is still broken, rogues are doing 30k dps on trash, and Pact gets special rework to give locks more DPS and QoL. Oh no, warriors gained 100 dps, maybe they might get out of F tier and beat the frost mages and sub rogues in PVE dmg despite those said non-warrior specs having insane utility and burst that neither arms or fury get.

Didnt a dev say they’d look at a class if it was so bad that raids didnt want it in wrath? How much worse do you have to get than a warrior for devs to follow through on looking at balance in wotlk?

Icing on this cake is this is how fiery enchant it was in original wotlk for warriors.


Kill a dead spec even more huh? Bruh


When are you going to fix the Troll and Meta snare gem interaction with mind flay?


So there’s no point theory crafting any more? ‘If you find a way to improve your classes performance we’ll nerf it’ is the message, sad to see, it’s not even like Warriors are OP, just a little less trash tier.


Can we please fix Heirlooms? If you missed the bug reports posted daily or the multitude of posts, secondary stats like Haste, crit, hit, and resil so not work at all.

For example, Dagger speed is 1.7 without any haste trinkets, but with 2, it’s still 1.7. I also get the heal from having both equipped, so clearly SOMETHING works, just make it all work or refund us for the heirlooms as you lose that ability the second you send it.

EDIT: So apparently in instanced dungeons (Stockades confirmed working) you get the FULL benefit of all secondary stats. The second you leave into the open world, back to nothing. How do you mess this up blizzard???

Are you actually for real!? Insta hot fixing something consistent with original WOTLK but because “Blizz hates Wars” lets instantly hotfix… couldn’t even allow a LITTLE bit of fun for wars for more then a day or see how it plays out maybe nerf in future if it actually became a problem??
Edit: Surely icebreaker a WOTLK and OBSOLETE enchant should be able to be used instead…


still wondering when your patch notes will at least acknowledge that your talking about what alot of people want in your game. RDF continues to be a hot topic and mention of it being readded is still missing from your patch notes.

At this point im sure you guys are trolling us on purpose!


This fix broke the Inn. You can no longer rest inside Valgarde inn.

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