Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated January 9

Hey can we get a Dev to come in and talk to us instead of just ingoreing the player base?

ingoring the player base.

everyone is lvl 80 and you’re still lvl 21 please leave

lol sure im level 21 yup way to spot the clue. you tool. if you spent ANY time on the forums you know that means nothing. go back to sniffin glue

Could we get a definition of what you mean by:

In previous weeks there was a ‘bug?’ where the NPC despawned/respawned. Is this fix implemented to stop him from respawning? or to embrace the fact that 1 winner per week on a 25k population server is a bit extreme? :sweat_smile:

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Here are today’s hotfixes for Wrath Classic:

OCTOBER 4, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Honor gear vendor costs have been reduced by 30%. This includes Deadly, Hateful, and Savage gear.
  • The breath meter has been increased to 3 minutes (was previously 1 minute).
  • Death Knight’s Improved Unholy Presence now correctly reduces rune cooldowns when in Unholy Presence.
  • Druid Lifebloom should now correctly scale with Haste when Gift of the Earthmother is talented.
  • Flag carriers in the Warsong Gulch battleground now appear on the map after 45 seconds of carrying the enemy flag.
  • The Wintergrasp auto-queue when entering the zone is now much quicker.
  • Fixed an issue with “The Flesh Giant Champion” where Margrave Dhakar could become permanently stuck if other hostile creatures were pulled into the event area.
  • Incomplete quests will now appear with a gray ‘?’ in gossip windows.
  • Fixed an issue where Culling of Stratholme was not giving tank and healer Northern Adventuring Supplies upon completion.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes not receive Northern Adventuring Supplies if a pet performed the killing blow to the final boss in the dungeon.
  • Friendly, neutral, and enemies tracked on the minimap are now distinguished by color.
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When do these changes take effect, because right now tracking colors aren’t implemented and the breath timer is not 3 min?

Just the first two items I can see aren’t as this blue post says they should be.

There is a client update that is likely why you don’t see them. I just checked and they are active (the colored tracking)

Fix wild growth, raids are nearly here and it still completely broken.

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what about Daily Random BG bonus? only giving 50 honor per win…

What? No it’s not, they want all things to work in their game.

I am still disconnecting on flying mounts during quests sometimes, and disconnecting off my own flying mount after getting on it and starting up.

still waiting on the return of rdf as you gave pvpers bg que from anywhere back.


What about warlock pets losing 50% or more hp after dismounting a flying mount?


If encountering a bug (on Patch where you cannot give in “Herald of War” quest to “Thrall” that means that you’re in the standard non-RP phase - this means that you have to go back outside in front of “Undercity” and talk to the newly added “Keepers of Time NPC” and change your phase to “The Battle For Undercity” phase and then go back to Orgrimmar in which case you’ll be able to give in Herald of War quest and continue your journey

Let.Me.Kick.My.Vendors.Off.My.Travelers.Mammoth!!! Fix this issue Blizz

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Here’s today’s hotfix update for Wrath Classic:

OCTOBER 5, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Updated Random Battleground rewards to the correct Honor values.
  • The Blessings gained from freeing Webbed Crusaders in the Valley of Echoes, and the Greater Blessing of Might, Prayer of Fortitude, and Battle Shout gained from freeing prisoners during the quest Prisoners of Wyrmskull, are now removed if a player logs out, enters an instance, or travels to another continent.
  • Band of the Kirin Tor, Ring of the Kirin Tor, Signet of the Kirin Tor, and Loop of the Kirin Tor can now be fully refunded at vendors within 2 hours of purchase; similar to the upgraded tiers of these rings.
  • Fixed an issue where some multi-rank talents would not function correctly after changing zones.

just hover esc it shows it there, or titan panel :slight_smile:

With the refunds on the Kirin Tor rings, I bought the wrong one three days ago before this hotfix, would we be eligible for a refund? I submitted a ticket and got an auto reply closing my ticket.

The blue relics are in but why add arena points to buy them? That seems dumb.

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