Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated January 9

WHY ON EARTH would you ‘fix’ queueing multiple Wintergrasps during the queue window, when it puts players who took advantage of it LIGHTYEARS AHEAD of the players who either didn’t know about it or who’s schedules didn’t allow them to?

The arena season starts in a few days, you’ve just completely nuked any chance for a relatively level playing field as some players will be in full honor gear while others have a couple of pieces.

I understand that this behavior is unintended, BUT IT ALREADY HAPPENED - let people catch up and apply this fix down the road, ideally in at least a couple weeks if not the end of the arena season.

Let us kick the vendors off our Travelers Mammoth!

RDF and JJ’s 1-70 please.


I can’t stand how ignorantly silent Blizzard always stays on game breaking exploits.

Just kills the fun.

I don’t know why people… Still. Somehow don’t understand how the system works after like 20 years. Exploit early. Exploit often. Know no fear.

Here are today’s hotfixes in Wrath Classic:

OCTOBER 3, 2022
Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Fixed multiple issues preventing the Battle for Undercity from proceeded as expected when multiple layers are present.
  • The Portal to Undercity in Stormwind should now appear as expected when you are on the quest “The Killing Time” and have completed “A Royal Coup”.
  • Living Bomb no longer puts the Mage back into combat upon expiration or removal.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Mr. Floppy from reviving, blocking the quest “Mr. Floppy’s Perilous Adventure” from completing.
  • “A Righteous Sermon” quest has been updated to now allow for more than a single player to receive credit for listening to Inquisitor Hallard’s Righteous Sermon.
  • Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament NPCs now spawn more reliably.

No fix for Herald of War? Still can’t talk to Thrall.

Thank you for your hard work though.

Thank the light!!! Now please do something about the Strange Ore Quest!

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still waiting for the announcement that tells us you are actually listening to the community. the one where you announce rdf is back in game.

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How about a fix for “The Slumbering King” quest?

ok now fix typhoon thx

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I can’t believe we’re still crying about this.

only way to get them to notice is to make enough noise, its not crying, its doing what they told us to do. “make enough noise on the forums and you will get our attention”

Fix wild growth!

It literally a game breaking bug for resto druid!

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this bug was in OG wrath LOL finally got around to fixing it

Hey can we get a Dev to come in and talk to us instead of just ingoreing the player base?

ingoring the player base.

everyone is lvl 80 and you’re still lvl 21 please leave

lol sure im level 21 yup way to spot the clue. you tool. if you spent ANY time on the forums you know that means nothing. go back to sniffin glue

Could we get a definition of what you mean by:

In previous weeks there was a ‘bug?’ where the NPC despawned/respawned. Is this fix implemented to stop him from respawning? or to embrace the fact that 1 winner per week on a 25k population server is a bit extreme? :sweat_smile:

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