Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated January 9

Any hotfix to allow mailing bind on account items to toons on our battle.net accounts with multiple subs???

As one of the people stuck in The Battle for Undercity phasing please fix it.

so your fix is to help ruin the economy by giving away ah items like ore, leather, cloth, herbs and gems… what the absolute hell are you thinking? do you employ real life gold sellers cause thats sure what it sounds like at this point. Do you even bother to play your own game? and what feedback are you getting? you obviously arent listening to your forums because if you were RDF would be back.


No. Eliminate the loot boxes entirely. Make people earn their upkeep as in original wrath.

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ADD THE MULTI PASSENGER MOUNT UI!!! I want to be able to carry my friends around on my Travelers Mammoth

Here are today’s hotfixes for Wrath Classic:

SEPTEMBER 29, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Zidormi will now reliably allow players to enter or leave the Battle for The Undercity. If you have haven’t started the Battle for The Undercity questlines, you must complete the following quests to enter:
    • Horde – “Darkness Stirs”
    • Alliance – “Return to Angrathar”
  • Fixed an issue preventing Heirlooms, Tome of Cold Weather Flying, Northrend Faction Helm Enchant Arcanums, and Sons of Hodir Shoulder Inscriptions from being transferable to other WoW accounts.
  • Brassbolt Mechawrench and Reginald Arcfire have returned to Dalaran to offer their Auction House services for Grand Master Engineers.
  • The Master Summoner’s Staff quest item for “Destroying the Altars” has been increased to 100%.
  • Fixed an issue with “The Slumbering King” where Queen Angerboda could fail to respawn after being defeated under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where players could disconnect when jumping in the pool after battling The Prophet Tharon’ja in Drak’Tharon Keep.

Zidormi is not showing up in game

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“The killing Time” quest is bugged. No portal to UC

Same for me. I was stuck on it like most of us and got hit with the quest log deleting other quests bug. I can see questie has the icon to pick up Battle for The Undercity, but Zidormi is not here to phase back.

Can you put in a way to disable Northrend Adventuring Supplies? Since the nerf they are pretty much garbage, and I’d rather just not get them now.

Great now please fix the 8k server queue by 2pm.

I abandoned the ‘A Life without Regret’ on my shaman when it was bugged and now I can’t find a place to pick it back up. Am I missing something?


Not good enough. No ore. No leather. No Herbs. No gems. No potions. No elixirs. NOTHING that can be crafted with a profession should ever make its way into these. The only thing acceptable is raw gold and even THAT is pushing it. These shouldn’t even exist.

Who in their right mind thought “You know what? LEt’s aDd a pRiZe bOX fOr qUesTS!!!” was ever a good idea. Take it out. We didn’t need it in wrath and we don’t need it now.


Here are today’s hotfixes for Wrath Classic:

SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • The Battle for Wintergrasp may now only be joined once per 30-minute queue window.
  • The follow player functionality is now disabled in battlegrounds and arenas.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s name would occasionally appear as “Unknown” in quest descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where a disconnect could occur when dismounting a flying mount while ascending.
  • Storm Clouds should no longer fail to buff Gymer when grabbed on “Storm King’s Vengeance”.
  • “Blinding the Eyes in the Sky” now includes Skybreaker Recon Fighters, as intended.

Are we getting an honor rollback for the people who abused it? We really should be.

I’m going to guess that the answer is it can’t be done. This exact same thing happens every expansion. A very few people do an exploit, get full honor gear in a few hours, and then with that time they saved it snowballs.

We aren’t playing with the same set of rules. That’s what it feels like.


Change it back.

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Yeah, but the problem is that the boxes shouldn’t be giving crafted consumables in the first place. You’re literally robbing from alchemists. Alchemy is still the only crafting profession being hurt by this.

Where’s the leg armors, where’s the glyphs? Enchants? Enchanters would have a fit it you gave free current enchants on vellums!

It will be Ulduar before the elixir market recovers. Just look at your auction houses. Healing and mana potion are selling 10% above vendor sell… What are ya’ll thinking? :thinking::face_with_monocle:


So when is the rollback of honor & gear obtained through this exploit? :thinking:


they are doing everything they can to drive this expansion into the ground. i guess its true, go woke go broke.