Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated August 10

my 11th made it 80 yesterday

Today’s hotfix for Wrath Classic:

March 27, 2023

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Fixed an issue where Val’anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings was absorbing more than intended. Accumulated absorb amounts are now correctly capped at 20,000 health.
    • Developers’ note: The absorb shield from Val’anyr was always intended to have a cap of 20,000 health, but there was a typo in the spell script in original Wrath of the Lich King version 3.3.5. The script was set the absorb amount to 200,000! This was never noticed by players in original Wrath.
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This was never noticed by players in original Wrath.

Ah, I guess we’re not holding true to “Classic” then, right? Thought we signed up to play the game as released in 2008, not as you patch new functionality to a 14-year-old version…


still waiting on you to hotfix RDF back inot the game.


“some changes” = nerf item to be 10x worse. LOL. Blizz must have an enhance shaman trying to convince his guild that its not for healers so he/she should get it.


Still waiting for unnerfed Tier 8 for resto druids…We are still running with post-T9 healing value nerf to Rejuv initial cast tick (T8_4p).

It SHOULD be equal to a full tick valeu
Right now we are still with the post-nerf value
(pro tip - revert the nerf that was applied in Tier 9 and apply this nerf when Tier 9 comes out)


RDF came out with Trial of the Crusader, if it’s coming that’s when it will happen.

ICC. Not that that matters since we’re on the latest patch and the game is currently stagnating due to their decisions to add HC+ and remove RDF.

Currently it’s not. They’ve repeated this over and over.

Then nuke surv hunters too then with explo trap triggering lnl more frequently than what was intended and as with other multi rank spells fix it so explosive shot rank 4 - rank 3 - rank 4 can’t be used.

It’s getting rather tiring with this selectiveness of what is bugs that are to stay and be used and what’s to be fixed. Like warriors and the fire thing! Oh no, small dps increase that has a possibility of scaling in icc nuke it! Rey paladins crying of being down? Add a gimmick to them that btw will scale better in icc than warriors fire thing….

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

March 28, 2023

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Classes
    • Summoning companion pets can no longer trigger combat effects.

Incoming comment about RDF not being in the game lol


Honestly I wouldn’t mind it being added, and I was a hardcore no-changes guy at the start. just keep it out of classic era and we’re good.

still waiting on the new dev lead to make the right choice and have you patch rdf back in game, before the population drops below a sustainable level financially.

sorry for the delay, got busy adulting, i know how you look forward to my reminders.


Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

March 30, 2023

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Classes
    • Paladin
      • Glyph of Righteous Defense will now properly increase the chance to hit with that ability.
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Can we have Joyous Journeys back? Ulduar came out two months ago and we all know ToC will be coming out soon. I’m trying to level my Pally so that I can fully experience Ulduar in time, and Joyous Journeys would help with that.

What the hell is in your character portrait?

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I know this will happen but it would be nice for a little bit better Group Finder to help is getting groups together for raids, dungeons and so on instead of waiting for 30 minutes or longer to get a group together.


level sixty pally pvp helmet. doesn’t appear to be rendering properly.

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

March 31, 2023

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Activating Tracking abilities such as Find Fish can no longer trigger combat effects.
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nice, thats interesting