Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Fall of the Lich King is Now Live!

Words cant not describe how much joy of happier times came flooding back to me watching the trailer. Brings a tear to my eye honestly.

A superb trailer for a great time in the history of WoW. Brought back many happy memories.

Then insult added to injury with the monologue from an emo raging MM spec hunter who went to toe to toe with a dk. and was mad she lost.

She to have any chance she needed to be a trap weaving sv hunter with black arrow. Hunters kite dk’s. Not power slide into their weapon.

I will plug its CTA AV weekend this weekend. For all the retailers used to no xp for pvp…wrath has it. Now with JJ boost.

For those around 15th kav of retail…its going to be a leveling weekend like that was. More to the party would be welcome.

Less wait for pick up time is never a bad thing from more people.

Time to start working on my lowbie druid. JJ, and rdf ftw :wink:

After watching the video … I only have one question …

Why can’t Tauren’s roar like that in the game?

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