Wrath - LFG Tool

Yes, this has been spoken about A LOT!
But I think blizz needs to listen to most of the community.

I have played WoW all through Vanilla to now. Haven’t been retail since TBC release as I like the classics better.

I am disappointed and so are many others about Blizzards decision on no LFG Tool for dungeons upon Classic Wrath.

A lot of the player base that will return and play Wrath are those who played the OG Wrath. We all now have jobs, families, etc so not as much time as when the OG Wrath was here.

The LFG is a great feature for all those with jobs, families, etc as we can’t all sit in the lfg channel waiting for groups.
Look at how TBC Classic is right now. Unless it’s a guild/friends run it is very hard to form a group.

Inb4 the GearScore addon gets resurrected.


OG devs look on this and 10.0 as their last chance to prove that “back to the future” will restore the game to its previous glory and massive playerbase. I would not be surprised if they’re planning on removing the group finder from retail as well.

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Hashbrown some changes

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I get that they are trying to recreate the feel and community that the OG expansions had up to Wrath, but a lot of the player base were younger back then with less rl commitments.

Now, a lot of that player base are older and game for fun after work and family commitments.
We don’t want to sit in lfg channels during that small amount of free time.

Yeah upon launch, it will be easy to find groups just like it was with TBC Classic as the hype will bring in a lot. But after some time and the hype dies down, less will play and it will become harder to find groups.

The reasoning given in the reveal video was so ridiculous I thought at first she was making with the joke. I waited for the punchline of “No, of course we aren’t really doing that” which sadly did not happen.

It was disturbing to see yet another iteration of an old Blizzard theme of doing what they think is a good idea because Reasons without considering what is actually good for the players. If nothing else, it removed my idea of spending some money to buy a character to play the thing. I wont do that without some form of queue system.

Exactly. At which point they will change their minds and go, yes we are now putting in this QoL change, aren’t we great!".

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If some don’t want to use the queue system, they don’t have to.
But it should be there for people who are time restricted.

Every game gets updates and some updates are for the better.

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That’s what they think they are doing. They have told us they want to add back “RPG elements from the roots of wow”. but I really don’t think they have a clue what it was that attracted so many players to wow, and the ways that games have in general become more playable to advances.

They returned “you lose progress when you die” in the Maw. That’s a mechanic people quit other games to get away from and came to play wow instead because it wasn’t part of the game. And people quit playing wow over it and won’t be back.

Wow as originally introduced was better in many ways than games of its time. There have been many quality of life improvements since, but devs seem to feel that life in wow should be miserable unless you’re an esports champ.

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The problem with listening to the community is, only a minority of players are vocal. This is why there are millions upon millions of people that have jumped ship. What this game is lacking is a easy and rewarding way to survey the majority population.

Would you vote in an election if you didn’t have to? I sure as hell wouldn’t. Which reminds I have to vote next weekend, GAH, such a waste of a weekend.

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Yep, that’s my thoughts exactly.
Why not just implement it from day one.
It’s a great feature to be able to quest and queue, then once finished be right back where you were questing.

I disagree. The problem is that planning does not take into account what paying customers are willing to pay for. Any responsible company does marketing research to make sure the product they sink hundreds of millions of investor dollars into will be accepted by their loyal customers.

By the time customers have gotten access to the content and formed an opinion about it it is far too late to make significant changes. But “if too many people leave we’ll change it next year” assumes that they’ll all come back, which doesn’t happen. Once they break people of being regulars, they’ll probably never be regulars again.

They do what they want to do for their own reasons and blame customers afterwards if something goes wrong.

So many people were saying that the reason they were planning on playing wrath classic was because of the dungeon finder and the gearing system connected with it. They couldn’t not have known this, but they decided to remove it anyway. And the people who said that have decided not to play. Surprise!

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Haha yes, same here. Thanks for the voting reminder lol.

Needs a reward mechanism or even just a simple poll.

I am sure a lot would click a button, rather than write about it.

It’s just a shame, to see devs saying this is what the community wants, yet us as players see the opposite some times.

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So are they never going to have LFG? LFG came in a later patch in Wrath, so won’t they be rolling it out later?

The entire reason I rolled a DK Tank in Wrath was to make my own groups for the Daily Heroics, because as a DPS it just wasn’t working. When LFG showed up, I didn’t necessarily need him any more.

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This may be just my opinion, but I like the lfg simply for the simplicity and ease of it for time restraints and less gameplay interruptions.
Who wants to spend half their dungeon time waiting for a group that may or may not fill like we are in TBC.

Most games these days are built around accessibility and time.
Most Mmo’s are now doing this as well as the generation of players become more age spread.

Loot was just another side effect to it.

That’s what they said. They think this will bring back “the community”, and people who weren’t even planning on playing - and still aren’t - think it’s a great thing to do to the people who were expecting to play.

i dont really play classic i hit max lv then just daily quest fishing cooking if they arent adding RDF in wrath ill just continue to play the far superior game ff14 at least they listen to their players not make up head cannon cuz you dont like an aspect of a game so ya play stupid games

Please, include a LFG tool for those that want it - most people. This is a MUST have.

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And win stupid prizes.

Players: LFG destroyed community!
Players: Classic is better because of community!
Bliz: Ok, let’s not do LFG
Players: Wah! Why you take LFG!?


I don’t think lfg killed the community. I think the player base dying out did.

Look at fps, sports games, etc. Most have the opportunity to create a group or join a queue.

We have guilds and friends list, etc for communities.

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