Wrath expansion pass or no?

I’m curious if this is coming or not. I like the prepatch xp buff so I might be good either way.

I think others are wondering what the fresh server names will be.

And I know plenty of topics have been brought up on RDF - when are you fixing it so RDF is back in Wrath classic?

I realize all the blizzard news has been rehash so I thought I’d start a rehash topic too :slightly_smiling_face:


"Are we getting a Wrath expansion pass?


We think so, but we don’t know as they are being overly tight on information.

I expect tomorrow they will REREPOST the same one they have done this week.


sry gramps u must be younger than 28 to post on the forums no cap

they will not be puting RDF in at all during wrath

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This does not say “we will not be adding the Random Dungeon Finder.”

Plans change.


Really… you can’t add what you don’t take out… so maybe they leave it in? :smiley:

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While I’d love to semantics with you. RDF is already out. Won’t be back in for launch.

At this point everything that was in wrath, during wrath, is in wrath classic, except RDF.

It won’t even be close to the original game that launched.

I’d imagine you mean Wrath expansion pass like what they did with dark portal pass? If so, I’d imagine so. They already announced they’re offering 70 boosts, so I’d imagine they’d also offer an upgrade to the expansion like they did in TBCC with the boost, dark portal hearth and mount. Just obviously, they’ll have different stuff to offer if they do it.

Anyone interested in fresh are all wondering what names will be, and so far, nothing has been released. Not too unexpected, Blizzard is famous for giving last min notice. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t announce that information for another couple of weeks, despite wrath launching in a month.

As for RFD; what do you mean fix it? There’s nothing to fix. They have stated they are not including it, and stated their reason. You can not fix which is not broken.

Probably some WotLK Raid boss names that aren’t already Retail servers.

true, because something that was implemented around ICC in original will affect how pre-ICC will go in wrath classic

like what are you on about man :joy:

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