Wrath Classic Warlock Update

In today’s new beta build, we’ve completed an update to Warlocks that should address a situation that has persisted since original Wrath of the Lich King.

  • Demonic Pact will no longer overwrite an existing Demonic Pact buff, unless:
    • There are less than 10 seconds left on the buff (e.g. it has been up for 35 seconds or more).
    • The spell power bonus of the new buff are higher than or equal to the power of the existing buff.


  • The internal cooldown of Demonic Pact has been lowered to 5 seconds (was 20 seconds).

This compensates for the changes above and helps ensure that Demonic Pact is refreshing on your target before it expires with a similar consistency to before this adjustment.


class changes, nice, does this mean you are going to do a pass on all the classes and make small tweaks and updates to them also?


This is a fantastic fix! Thank you for this! This means optimal Demonology gameplay will thankfully no longer require having your pet stand AFK for 40% of boss fights

This is great. I think hindsight is 20/20 for classic wrath. Class balance and qol changes are great for the expansion. Next stop is shadow priest and hasted SW:P. [WOTLK] Shadow Word: Pain and Haste


Now you fix this. After I pick to be the Affliction Warlock for Raid group. Thinking, that poor demo lock, has to keep their demon afking for 40% of the fight for max buff. But Good to see things being addressed, after all this time.

Roll on Wrath Of the Lich King Classic!

Thank you so much! Really looking forward to playing demo with this change.