Wrath Classic Feedback and Decisions

Bring RDF back into the game


Plz take care of some tickets Mods im begging you PLZ

I don’t either. I think it laid the groundwork for future changes in the following xpacs, like LFR, that I do think had a larger negative impact, like say, guilds and guild identities mattering, but over all, RDF on it’s own? I don’t understand it either, Cardenal.

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You locked sulfuras when it was growing and needed more alliance. You are a bunch of idiots.


It looks good but I still don’t understand the affinity for character based mounts and achievements. Can someone help me understand? If I achieved or obtained something, why should it be locked to a single character? I did it. Not just my character. Why keep it from me on other characters? Why can’t I ride my AQ Bug Mount on my shaman if I got it on my warrior?

This is why people were so hesitant to ever switch mains until recently


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Community Manager


With today’s maintenance, we’ve applied a hotfix to add the ability to queue for Battlegrounds from anywhere in the world. This will allow players to continue exploring the world while also participating in Battlegrounds.

You’ll find it in the Battlegrounds tab on the PvP menu.

Battlemasters are not going anywhere, so you can still talk to them if you prefer to.

Is this you bro? I guess because you never follow up you forgot about all of this.

Sorry but I think this was wrong. You miss spelled some when it should of said majority. cause you want to protect the community by making poeple get scared and pile on to one server then get que for hours.


I’d use it.

daily reminder that the RDF tool is coming and will improve the game


The problem is already here, people could be pushing content for their level without all this new chat which is a whole problem itself. Add it back and let it do its job. That’s why we had it in the first place a system made by people who actually played the game.

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Daily reminder, the playerbase wants RDF


Easy, delete it. The tool is garbage. Throw it in the garbage and give us the RDF tool.


Very very very simple. Ban people from forums who are involved in creating 50 threads a day. That solves the problem before launch, right bleez?

You need to make the LFG channel USABLE for looking for groups. its difficult to see responses with 50 people yapping about donald trump, or how the queens death is just a joke to them.

I could give 1000 examples of what you could do better with the system. There are literally people just queued for the Wrath dungeons JUST SO they can sit there all day and talk. Make a global bullcrap channel. Penalize people who spam the channel with nonsense all day, like you do to us when we get spam reported by a guild of D-bagz and clownfishes. Unlock the stones PROPERLY, as they should be, as to where you can summon all levels (Which for somereason wasnt mentioned in your “screw the community and its desires” post) Add a maximum time limit to the channel. Limit posts to the channel to time. Make it so you have to link a dungeon. If they link a dungeon just to talk crap, its circumventing policies and you mute them for it. These things are just simple things you can do. But it might be difficult to actually get these ideas to people who give half a squirt of piss


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Please bring back RDF


Has anyone mentioned that most of the players want RDF. It’ll keep us engaged and subscribed much longer.


Everyone opinion is subjective, whats your point?

It’s pretty obvious that some new communication is in order.

Either acknowledge that RDF is going back in or reject RDF.

Blizzard, it’s time.

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Stop ignoring players and implementing changes that you guys think we want. I think you’ve proven time and time and time again you guys have no idea what you are doing.

Listen to your playerbase. You are literally nothing without them.

Other companies are fully capable of polling and implementing changes that the community wants (All while being FULLY TRANSPARENT in the process) How come that’s something you guys aren’t capable of?


The playerbase is only people currently playing the game, most of whom don’t really care about rdf bc not having it is the same gameplay as we’ve had for years now.

People who were “thinking of coming back” and are now throwing a fit bc they’ve been “waiting for wrath” aren’t players.

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