Wrath Classic Feedback and Decisions

it’s 100% better or no one would use it.

Your playstyle that you like doesn’t make it better for everyone.


I love this, thank you so much for this update.

Nope. I just want RDF for leveling 1-70. WOTLK content I don’t really care about if it has RDF or not. Hell let me quest for 30-45 minutes with a dungeon queue. Thats the perfect quest to dungeon ratio! Seems like a good compromise.

Anything else you want to add?


Sure it looks kinda fun… but after like… 2 hours or so the alure will fall off and itll be like… okay cool. im a on a dragon. Idk

I want to be excited for DF im just failing to get there, been burned WAY TOO MUCH.

So why do you want to force people to do things your way? How is that a positive comunity attitude? If nobody wants to join your pugs if they have an alternative, if they dont want to interact with you because its not fun enough, why make them?


And they even come with soulstones for when you need a snack!


Dont forget that they move all the dungeon quests INTO The dungeons in WOTLK… but no RDF youll likely never get to do any of them while leveling.

Kinda sad tbh. Solo leveling or buying the boost is really your only option in WOTLK. Almost the exact opposite of socialization


BTW, any news on summoning INTO instances, it was supposed to be changed already on TBCC, but it’s still not working in beta, it’s frustrating.

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Will the gold cap for server transfers increase at level 71 or with pre-patch?

People would pay warlock bots 10g in CLASSIC for a summon

people dont want to waste time flying to dungeons


I’m so glad to hear this! I just wish there was more communication that it was planned. Either way, thank you for the communication!

This. Just because RDF is in the game doesn’t mean that people have to stop doing what they are now. This style of forming groups always exists and would with RDF. Just hurts those of us that were excited to not have to waste our time being forced to play the way that blizzard wants rather than the way wotlk was implemented.


If you are not planning to allow Warlocks to summon people outside the dungeon into dungeons I hope you’ll address the reason why. It’s a big part of what makes Warlock special. Thanks!


What about the option to queue for battlegrounds from the Player versus Player menu? It’s not in the PTR, it was added in 3.1


Not sure what “retail people” means, but I guess if you want to generalize, have fun.

It sounds like it’s the most fun thing WoW had added in years.

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If raid items were intended to be purchasable for gold, they would have been made BoE.

GDKP’s are in blatant opposition to the obvious intended design of the game. The AH was not supposed to be a way to increase the power level of your character outside of a few specific and RARE items.

Carries for achievements and experience are fine. Items should require active meaningful contribution to the encounter to be acquired. That is how you foster community raid participation and long term social connections. Raids are not a place where you make a one time purchase with no social meaning aside from the size of your wallet.


Thank you for implementing race change. Super duper happy about this reconsideration, keep up the good work!

Sounds like because of dual spec swapping for the min max sweaties

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Maybe I’m an old soul here, but seeing as I’ve played WoW damn near since Release 15+ years ago one of the things I miss most is world PvP.

It blows my mind how imbalanced the servers have become. I spent extra money to get onto a balanced server and now blizz has decided to cash grab again with faction changes to cater to fotm players and use the excuse of "Well friends want to play together that’s more important.

I’ve yet to ever have a moment where I couldn’t play with a friend of mine because I couldn’t faction change. On top of that I’ve seen multiple requests in this post asking for an explanation on faction imbalance issues, how it will be handled and what will be done about it.

Yet I’ve yet to find responses to faction imbalance. I’ve seen replies to “thank you for this post” with a little heart. But I know I’ve seen it asked 3-5 times at this point at least on faction imbalance and there are never replies about it.

Everyone knows human double trinket is popular, and fotm players (the good and bad) will eventually swap, paying blizz and ruining the few faction semi-balanced servers left.

I play on a PVP Server for the randomness. I enjoy leveling and being surprised with a pvp fight regardless of what level the enemy is. Most servers no longer have that option as they are 99% horde or 99% alliance population. Why is it so hard to create a cap on players allowed based on % faction difference? There are plenty of servers, if I want to play with a friend is very easy to do. That argument is pointless in my eyes.

Also so many people want a “teleport me so I don’t have to fly or operate in the world” option. As someone who likes getting ganked while leveling and the joys of the world feeling “alive” again after the nerf to dungeon afk farming/grinding/boosting, that dungeon teleporting kills the world again. I must be an old soul, but that to me sounds horrid also. Sure make the tool better, I’m all for that, but don’t kill the world feeling alive by giving everyone a teleport to everything. The world is large, meant to be filled with players. Let it be.


I’ll be maining a Warlock and will be refusing to summon anyone into an instance.

If i couldn’t just magically show up in the dungeon, neither can you.