Wrath Classic: Conflagrate is Not Properly Scaling with Molten Core Talent

As the title says, Conflagrate does not properly take into account the 9 second increase to Immolation’s DoT that it gets from the Molten Core talent. However similar mechanics, such as Hunter’s Chimera Shot+Glyph of Serpent Sting, do properly take into account the increased duration of the DoT and properly increase the damage. This ends up being a major bug that significantly impacts the damage of those who play Hybrid Demonology/Destruction, which is only playable during Wrath of the Lich King. Simply fixing this bug would allow Hybrid to be viable spec again for those who enjoyed the fun and creativity that WotLK talents offered.

To reproduce this issue

  1. Put 31 talent points into destruction to get conflagrate and enough points in demonology to be able to put points into Molten Core, but do not put points into it yet.
  2. Remove all buffs and proc items and dismiss any pet
  3. Use Immolate and Conflagrate on a training dummy and record the damage done by Conflagrate with a decent sample size (I used 50 casts)
  4. Put 3 points into Molten Core
  5. Repeat step 3 and compare results

Expected Result: Conflagrate damage should increase by roughly 60% in line with the increased damage the Immolate DoT does over its extended duration due to Molten Core

Actual Result: Conflagrate does roughly the same damage with the Molten Core talent as it does without the Molten Core talent. In my testing, an average hit (non-crit) from the DoT portion

The results of my testing were:

Pre Molten Core

  • Average Direct Damage Hit: 3216
  • Average Direct Damage Crit: 6707
  • Average Dot Hit: 717
  • Average Dot Crit: 1551

Post Molten Core

  • Average Direct Damage Hit: 3270
  • Average Direct Damage Crit: 6862
  • Average Dot Hit: 723
  • Average Dot Crit: 1501

Character: Kornyx
Realm: Benediction-US


Blizzard pls fix

Blizzard I want to play this spec on my raid team but I can’t! please fix! :]

i wanna play with an imp, i wanna play with fire. fix destro warlocks please blizzard.

Fix please, i wanna destro pump ! want a viable destro spec to have more fun in the game.

By all that is infernal and fiery fix this issue so that the warlocks may pump to the pinks and oranges without the need for affliction

down with Aff, up with destro, fix it.

Oh and Infernals should reset on Boss Kills/Wipes