Wrath Beta

I wasn’t aware we were entitled to beta invites.



They only want to see how they solo UK. Thats every video ive seen so far from beta

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No one cares about the Beta for bug reporting.
Folks just bored and miss LK.

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That’s so fkn sad because there are LOADS of bugs in “Classic” like way more than the actual games ever had.

Meanwhile all the derps are “testing” how they can cheese their way to 80 easier.


You have never played older versions of WoW if you said this. Especially vanilla/TBC/Wrath.

Playing TBC Classic right now, and its got more bugs than OG TBC did at this same point in time.

The laundry list of bugs is so big at the start of TBC classic that well… This is only the hot-fixes…

TBC was riddled with bugs, and some persisted even in the final patch. It’s just they had far more time to fix them.

I’m still waiting too.

The amount of bugs in Classic is way way way way worse man, and they have not even fixed half.

No, you just don’t remember it or never played it. There were a huge amount of bugs and every major patch introduced more.

I played all the versions this game has had to offer excluding dragon isle that has not shipped.

Classic team gave us a nice “private server” at best, but really the quality is no where near as good as “Retail” team’s products ever were.

Having bugs doesn’t mean it’s bad. It just means it has bugs.

Vanilla was rife with them and it was awesome.

So I was about to respond to this thread and thought it just check the launcher. Looks like a new wave just went out some time in the last 5 or 6 hours, and I got in. OP check your bnet!

in 2022 with the tech level they have now, this is inexcusable.

im still waiting and i haven’t gotten anything :frowning:

Having more technology doesn’t mean there won’t be bugs.

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There are bugs in current TBC that ive reported on the TBC beta, but better get all those streamers, content creators and people who dont play the game into the beta! Blizzard dont care about fixing bugs, they literally left Orc Shaman cleansing totem dispelling 2 poisons at once in the game for a full whole PvP season.

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The only thing inexcusable is not understanding, in 2022, that tech has bugs :wink:

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oh I totally forgot about this. Just checked, I have it. Downloading now, thanks!

so you can be presented with a product of the quality that someone of your refined taste deserves.