Wrath Beta Wintergrasp Playtest

On Thursday, September 22 at 4:00 p.m. PDT (7:00 p.m. EDT), we’ll host a playtest of Wintergrasp on the Wrath Beta.

Please join us at that time, queue for the Wintergrasp battleground, and play with the blues as we try to spin up multiple instances of it. Later, we’re planning to see to it that the outdoor version of the Wintergrasp zone experiences authentic, official shenanigans.

We’ll see you there!

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Is this on the PTR or Live?

Everyone kill Aggrend =D

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Toss me beta access and I’ll be there!


Also confused about this, what is the Wrath Beta? Assuming thats the PTR and not on live servers?

Would love to test this as well Please give more invites out!

How do we get wrath beta?

i reckon it’s the wrath beta for people who were invited to the wrath beta

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Isnt this a tad late, aren’t we going live in 5 days? Anything in particular you want us to test?

Not sure if sarcastic or not but per post by Kaivax, they want us to test Wintergrasp on the wrath beta tomorrow, September 22nd at 4pm PDT (7pm EST).

Assuming this is why I got a wrath beta invite, sure ill be there.

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Just like, in general? No particular focus on any mechanical properties of how it handles server side or generating Battleground rooms in relation to the server?

Yeah, just do your thing in the bg. They’ll be able to collect every single data point they want anyhow. At this stage, they’re most likely looking at more general gameplay instead of specific as that type of testing would’ve been done earlier. Let’s see if we’ll force some devs to pop their gm mode to escape our wrath :wink:

This not happening?

it happened, had to que for it at the WG battlemaster

It was pretty alright but def super laggy. Hope thats not there on release.

Had some fun though.

If this is going live on Monday, Wintergrasp will be nothing but a rubber band fest. It was horrendous. Blizzard bettter get to work this weekend.

perhaps read all of it… not even all of just the first sentence, it literally says Beta. Then you say PTR or LIVE… LOL WUT

I really hope they buff Tenacity. It hardly made any difference back in the day. It needs to be strong enough about not only compensate for the direct player power that is missing , but the numbers as well. With more players, it allows for taking points faster and simply overwhelming a capture point with numbers alone. The team with more players also is able attack more individual points at any given time.