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Guild Name: The Howling Owl
Description: A faction neutral coffee shop/cocktail bar that hosts several regular entertainment focused RP events.
Races Allowed: Any race, as well as any faction. We have a guild on both Horde and Alliance side.
Leader(s): Saeil/Alaris
Who to Contact: Saeil#1437 on Discord
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP, with a focus on RP events in particular.
Requirements: Characters who join must be faction neutral. Application and IC interview is required. The application can be found on our website howlingowl-wra.tumblr . com
Currently Seeking: Bartenders, security and entertainers.
Most Active Playtime: 5PM-10PM server time. Active throughout the day on Discord.
Forum Post: [H / A] The Howling Owl/Club Night Owl is hiring! Looking for bartenders! Updated for new year!


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Guild Name: :fire: Firebrand Enterprises :fire:

Description: A Horde based Venture Capitalist company with assets in the defense, research & development, technology, and commerce sectors.

Races Allowed: All, We are an equal opportunity employeer.

Leader(s): V and Ashagar Firebrand.

Who to Contact: V Firebrand (Veendell in game), Tamani Tightclamps (Tamanii in game), Narkyssa Da’Eryth (Narkyssa in game).

RP/PVP/PVE?: Our primary focus is Roleplaying, although we do regularly schedule PvE content and even non-WoW activities like Steam games and movie streaming. We vary anywhere between half a dozen to a dozen scheduled events of all kinds per week.

Requirements: We ask that our members be at least 20 years of age, mature and respectable in their conduct, and able to attend at least one event a month.

Currently Seeking: We’re looking for a variety of character types and players who’re interested in not just telling their own story, but collaborating with others to help flesh theirs out as well.

Most Active Playtime: Between 12pm and 10pm server time.

Forum Post: 💰[H-RP] Firebrand Enterprises is Hiring!

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Guild Name: Blackheart Warband
Description: A section of the Horde military created to combat the Alliance and all of the horrors (void, worgen or otherwise!) that they may summon to fight for them. Blackheart focuses on the war effort and protecting Horde citizens.
Races Allowed: All, anyone who is a member of the Horde is welcome!
Leader(s): Azkaellon Lightsworn and Eleeria Silverwing, co-GMs.
Who to Contact: Eleería, Azkaellon, Nilthra, Aethera (all in-game names) – or anyone online can direct you to an officer.
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP only. We have a few members who also enjoy PvP, but we do not provide any structured guild events for it.
Requirements: We require a brief OOC interview as well as an IC interview after you reach out to a member of the Warband and inquire about joining.
Currently Seeking: We are weirdly lacking in orcs at the moment, but anyone at all would be most welcome!
Most Active Playtime: 5PM-12AM server time, with events taking place routinely at either 5:30 or 6PM ST. We have an active discord throughout the day and many of us spend the evenings in voice chat as well.
Forum Post: [H-RP] Blackheart Warband


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Guild Name: The Torn
Description: Outcast/Oddball oriented, see https://thetornadmin.wixsite.com/thetorn/home for more information. We’re open to creativity within the bounds of lore and are split into factions within the guild. We have a lot of inner turmoil, and are driven by dark and complex plotlines.
Races Allowed: Any race, including odd races (Dragons, Demons, San’layn, Halflings, you name it) PLAYED CORRECTLY. Your backstory must make sense, and you must hide your nature in cities if you are KoS.
Leader(s): Fallynn
Who to Contact: Fallynn, send me a letter in-game, or see my battletag listed on the front page of the website.
RP/PVP/PVE?: We are strictly a roleplay guild.
Requirements: We play by lore but are open to creativity, because nothing is set in stone. See our website, https://thetornadmin.wixsite.com/thetorn/fyi-most-important-details for specific requirements. I would like to talk to interested parties first. We have a discord, it is required.
Currently Seeking: Active roleplayers & those wanting to run events and plotlines. I tend to run most events for us myself and would like others to plan and run things as well.
Most Active Playtime: Weekends and nights later in the week.
Forum Post: [H] "The Torn" is recruiting

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Guild Name: Steelrune Company
Description: An adventure-prone coalition of mercenaries and scholars, who combine their skills in combat, research, and magical craft to take on opponents both mundane and otherworldly.
Races Allowed: All races accepted. “Non-Playable” concepts can work as long as their lore is sound.
Leader(s): Korrgosh and Kelarion, co-GMs
Who to Contact: Either of the above!
RP/PVP/PVE?: We focus mainly on RP, with a side-order of Mythic+ and Normal raids.
Requirements: We prefer to work within the broad strokes of lore, but since lore is messy and full of gaps, we’re also fans of creative extrapolation. Members will need to join our Discord server. We don’t have an attendance policy regarding events, but if you don’t log in for 30 consecutive days (unless you’ve told us in advance!), we’ll assume you’re not coming back. Make sure to read through our rules, as we expect respectable behavior from all members at all times.
Currently Seeking: Active RPers who think our concept will suit them!
Most Active Playtime: Late-afternoon to evening (server time) on most weeknights; scheduled RP on Thursday evenings and scheduled PvE on Saturday evenings.
Forum Post: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/h-rp-steelrune-company/188455

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Guild Name: Concourse of the Phoenix
Description: How hard is it to build and operate a Dimensional Ship (Spaceship) in WoW? VERY HARD! You need to have skilled people in multiple branches of work and study, work through adventures to make enough gold to buy materials, research what lost artifacts can be helpful to the cause!
Races Allowed: All, Horde and Alliance.
Leader(s): Captain Centari Souli
Who to Contact: Centari or Elissreaux In-game or Uranu5#1965 Btag
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP and PvE Dungeons (Mythic Plus)
Requirements: TRP3 and Discord!
Currently Seeking: Desperate need of an Engineering Admin, Mystics (Magical Scholars) Admin, and Champions (Adventurers) Admin.
Most Active Playtime: 6pm Server (9pm EST)
Forum Post: [H/N-RP-PvX] Concourse of the Phoenix> LFM! 💫 - #11 by Centari-wyrmrest-accord


Guild Name: Gearpunk Dynamics
Description: A politically Neutral goblin run Technologies company. They sell no weapons at all. Specializing in ease of living products, such as Robot maids, washing machines, & feathlerless self-contained quills. LGBT+ Run & inclusive.
Races Allowed: Goblins, small smatterings of other races allowed. We also allow well played non-playable races, such as Gilblins & vulpera, etc.
We also have an A-Side guild for alts/gnomes.
Leader(s): Dyna & Tin Gearpunk
Who to Contact: DynaGearpunk/Dynamitt, Tingearpunk, Spirrex, Spinelli
Requirements: Website application and interview! Must be +18 due to rowdy goblin subject matter. Discord, TRP3/Compatible RP addon.
Currently Seeking: Pilot characters, engineers not focused on weaponry. Interesting and unique role players.
Most Active Playtime: 6pm-12am server
Forum Post: [H/N-WRA-RP] Gearpunk Dynamics 🤖


Guild Name: Southfury Watch
Description: A small militia of orcs, Tauren, trolls and goblins; the Southfury Watch protects the Barrens and Kalimdor from all threats that threaten them. Patrols, rites, storylines and character developing RP as well as OOC PvX nights are typical events that happen at least once a week.
Races Allowed: Orcs, Tauren, trolls, goblins and their allied races.
Leader(s): Greyah, Keelhaul, Zaeka, Ceadrith, Kuzesa and Valkosk
Who to Contact: Anyone in the Watch.
RP/PVP/PVE?: We are a heavy RP guild that dabble in PvP and PvE aspects of the game when interest and activity allow. BGs, WPvP and Mythics/old content runs, etc.
Requirements: You’ll need to speak to an officer about joining. There is no formal application but we’d like to ask a few questions to gauge your interest and fit into the guild both OOCly and ICly. We are pretty chill and relaxed, willingly to help out the new and exploring.
Currently Seeking: All active RPers who have the desire to develop their characters surrounded by friends.
Most Active Playtime: Most days after 3PM. Events happen usually 5-6 PM server time on varying days.
Forum Post: Thank you SFW


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Guild Name: The Scarred Blade Clan
Description: A Clan split from the Burning Blade of old, Honor bound on their shamanistic quest to learn from the Elements of Outland’s who have seen a world die before their eyes so they may return to Azeroth and help heal our world, and to defend the Horde and its values. The Scarred Blade opens all who can follow our Elemental Patrons and are willing to learn our shamanistic ways and sacred traditions. (Focus on Clan life, Adventure, Combat and more! We do both small story lines and larger ones, with an extra big focus on individual and group plot/character development.)
Races Allowed: All Horde Races, except Forsaken
Leader(s): Chieftain Hellstorm
Who to Contact: Xiano Hellstorm, Thisa Everflame, Kiri Brewhill, Rin’taz, and Mok’togg
RP/PVP/PVE?: Heavy Rp, and casual content.
Requirements: TRP3, Discord, Dicemaster, IC/OOC Interview.
Most Active Playtime: 6pm Server, Evenings, and Weekends. (About 3 events a week)


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