WQ: Angry Residents

(Amayita) #1

I’m not sure if this is a real WQ, but I had a Pet Battle WQ pop up for Zuldazar called Angry Residents, right around where Zujai is standing. It says I need to beat Fras Siabi to receive one Cleansed Remains (Stratholme Pet Dungeon Currency), and I was curious if this just a very strange glitch of some sort? Seems odd, since I don’t think you encounter Fras Siabi in the pet dungeon, which kind of makes it sound like this could be for real.

That said, if it is for real, Fras Siabi isn’t loading up when I go to where the WQ is.


I’ve seen this world quest a few times while testing the Stratholme Pet Dungeon. Fras Siabi appears as an NPC offering a pet battle world quest, IN the pet dungeon, right as you approach Nefarious Terry (stage 8 of the dungeon).

The WQ claims to offer a Cleansed Remains token as the reward, but I have yet to complete the fight to confirm this, nor can I confirm this will be the actual reward when 8.2 launches.

(If it is, this WQ would be extremely valuable if you could acquire more than one Cleansed Remains per week, and thus sped up your acquisition of all the new vendor pets.)

(Amayita) #3

When I made this post, he wasn’t in the dungeon, as I had gone and checked. At this point he’s in there.