WoW was better when you could finish your character

When you could log in and just sit out front of org and just duel.

When you could join a raid on stormwind because there were people who didn’t feel like they needed to rush all the time just to play the game optimally.

Man I miss those days…


These two things are mutually exclusive.

And this sounds boring if that’s the ONLY thing you log in to do. I’m glad THAT has changed.


Just sick of the grind man. You used to be finished with a character. Now you’re always playing chase the dragon.


If they did that, the game would end up stale for a lot of people and subs would go down the tank.

The only way to keep people interesting is to keep adding new content.

Personally I’m glad it’s this way.


You kind of omitted the reason:

People only raided, on a set schedule (in Vanilla), since there was NOTHING ELSE TO DO IN THE GAME (for any real “gain.”)

So outside of the set schedule, they felt they had the time to do whatever (if they were playing, usually on alts with the main parked outside of the raid.)

So what you are actually talking about is a design flaw, with what was an INCREDIBLY limited “game.”


I remember when the world was part of the game :frowning:

We need another timeless isle/ sandbox area just to hang and have fun.


We used to create our own amusements then. For me, the random thing I used to do all the time was four friends and I would seem to always wind up in Scholo at 3am. We did all kinds of bizarre stuff like pulling the students without turning them into skeletons or having my hunter’s pet tank the whole thing … or my favorite which was pulling the entire room of slow walking zombies all at once and kiting them in circles around the top of Gandling’s room until dead, keeping in mind you would inevitably wind up with several goldfishing the wrong direction. LOL (For reference, this room and its zombies no longer exists. It was removed when Scholo was reworked, so you would have to look up an old version of the instance to see it.)

The point is, not having constant, boring, time consuming demands on players to upgrade their characters allowed people to just do random crap for FUN. These random activities are part of what created the friendships and community everyone claims they miss so much, but which no one has time to participate in re-creating.


My old guild used to have an entire guild free for all and give a prize to the last man standing… where did that stuff go?

We all go to gurubashi and encircle the entire arena and jump in at the same time.


Nothing is stopping you from doing that now. You don’t have to grind to be the very best to go screw around in Scholomance.

The game didn’t change, you did.


You can still do random stuff for fun. That’s on you.

But if they stopped adding new things TO do, people would quit en masse.

And that’s still on them. Those people set their own agendas on what they “need” to do, and if they don’t make time to go raid a capital city, or do a dungeon crawl, or grab a group of friends and go low leveling, they only have themselves to blame for that.

Everyone did. That’s kinda the point.


I have three geared 120s, all capable of Mythic raiding or M15s +. I’m done with them, I play them because it’s a videogame and I have fun with them.


This is the equivalent of missing being from a small town with nothing to do but drive up and down the one main street.


I liked being able to Raid Log in WoD, but I understand I’m a minority when I say that.

Most people want something to do every second they play. Don’t want to think about what that is too.

I never ran out of things do to outside of Raid, I could get cool achievements and what not, but I think most people feel there’s no content if it’s not in their quest log or directly powers their character.

Not saying that’s a bad thing either… just makes me nostalgic for older times. And that’s all it is. Nostalgia.

This is a really perfect way to describe it tbh.

I guess I get nostalgic when I think about all the fun I used to have.

Now my days in wow are usually filled with stressful timers and angry whispers from people that hate to lose.

It’s all just gogogo.


I rather duel than slay the same NPC for hours. At least my brain is working.


people unsub when there isn’t anything fun/enough to do.


I don’t like what azurite traits,essences and random rng corruption gear does-- My damage should always be based on what my character does.


Just set personal goals and consider that “finished”.

People can even make different goals for various characters - so your pvp toon might be done when they hit 2400 rating.

Your raiding toon might be done when they hit AotC and at least purple on all boss parses.

Your M+ toon could be done once they complete a +10 on each toon.

There’s NOTHING preventing you from being “finished” when the game gives you the authority to determine what that looks like.


I get what you are saying - I haven’t been back for long and the grind can feel overwhelming and worse if you don’t have mates!

Its a tricky balance as the game can go stale pretty fast too if there isn’t challenges to overcome.