WoW Token Account Pooling

So, I play WoW a lot, and I am one of the people who doesn’t actively pay or have a card, I love enjoying grinding out for gold and then having the since of earning something buy paying for a token, one thing I have realized while I’ve played is that they don’t let you pool gold from you’re account base whilst trying to buy it when you don’t have game time, I’ve only had one time where I think it has. But ever since then, you need to pool from current realm. I feel we should be able to have the ability to use gold across our account to purchase the token from the login screen with the gold. Being as someone who has 146k on one realm and around 80k on a different non connected realm it’s something I hope can be brought into WoW to improve getting time that way for people who either don’t have enough money or, have the gold for it can buy it right then and there from account pooling gold!