Wow starter edition

I started to play wow with some friends we all played the starter edition but now we want to play more. I bought the battle for azaroth bundle online in order to do so. The order says complete but my game still says it’s on the starter edition after 4 days.

Did you purchase game time as well? I don’t believe the BfA bundle includes any game time. You will need a subscription (either monthly or more) in order to lift the starter edition restrictions.

If you did purchase time, are you able to join a guild? Buy something off the auction house? Accrue more than 10 gold? Sometimes it takes a little while for all the restrictions to lift, normally not more than 72 hours though. In that case, you may want to contact a GM.

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Just wanted to add here too, if you did purchase time and it hasn’t yet gone through, double check your transaction history and/or bank statement to make sure the transaction was not declined for some reason.

Otherwise, Chirona is correct here. BFA does not come with game time included.

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