WoW Remix Tuning and Adjustments -- May 21

We’ve continued to deploy hotfixes to the game in response to feedback and data that we’re seeing.

We have made the following changes to improve Thread of Time gain for the Cloak of Infinite Potential. There are four new items that grant players escalating amounts of power for the Cloak of Infinite Potential:

  • Minor Spool of Eternal Thread
  • Lesser Spool of Eternal Thread
  • Spool of Eternal Thread
  • Greater Spool of Eternal Thread

Players will be able to find these new items from a variety of solo and group sources, ensuring all players have accessible ways to improve their cloak:

  • Infinite Bazaar Repeatable Dailies
  • First-Time Daily Scenario, Dungeon, and each LFR queue
  • World Bosses
  • Remix Achievements
    • Each of these achievements are available for additional characters to complete as well for bonus Bronze - and now bonus Spools of Eternal Thread.
  • Troves of the Thunder King scenario on the Isle of Thunder

Our goal with these additional items is to give players access to more Threads of Time from daily repeatable sources for primary and secondary characters. These should serve as readily attainable power-ups from a wide variety of content, so players can enjoy the breadth of Pandaria while also gaining additional power.

The following adjustments are now live, and are intended to address concerns about the balance of low- and high-level players in various Remix content:

• The health of creatures in heroic scenarios has been decreased by 20% - 25%, based on the players’ levels. Higher level players will see enemies incur a larger decrease.
• The health and damage of creatures on the Timeless Isle, Isle of Giants, and Isle of Thunder has been reduced.
• Several spell gems (that were not scaling up or down correctly based on player level) have been adjusted so that they provide a more-appropriate scaling effect. This includes Cold Front, Windweaver, Vampiric Aura, and Lightning Rod.
• Spell gems with shielding effects should no longer cause threat.
• Fixed a bug with Righteous Frenzy not canceling upon the end of combat.
• Timerunner’s Vial mana regen significantly increased.

We’ll have all of the above, as well as other hotfixes to various issues, listed in our next hotfixes update.

Thanks again for all of your feedback!


Can we increase bronze gains please, and/or reduce the cost of vendor items


First frogs then goats.

Why not remove all Bronze from all kills? It’s the only way to save us from ourselves.


All I want is way more bronze and way less costs.


Still no improvements to bronze. This event is awful.


Don’t wait three weeks to use improvements to retain subs.

Fix the broken nonsense now.


So much for respecting people’s time


Remember folks:

Exploit early, exploit often.

You will not be punished for doing so, and Blizzard will make sure no one can catch up to you.


Were goats nerfed? I thought it was just the dalaran gaurds?


Going off Wowhead article, TBH.

This explains why I pull aggro on my Mistweaver so much lol.


Holy tone deaf Batman.


Goats were nerfed like 30 mins ago?


I think it is pretty clear by now that they have no intention of changing how bronze works. They apparently expect us to treat the Remix as a full time job.


Buff. Bronze. Debuff. Upgrade cost.


Maybe reduce the cost to upgrade gear, frog farmers are already 10x everyone else’s, do something relevant challenge.


How about bronze acquisition and upgrade cost?
If you were to do a farm that was really really good, it’d still take you around 80 hours of farming to upgrade your gear to 525…


Don’t forget nerfing Ward of Salvation this morning.

Or maybe there were some bronze/thread buffs? That’d be a nice change at least.

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Whelp thats kind of the final nail in the coffin. It wasn’t even a good farm its just the most efficient of the lot. Meaning we are probably now going down the rabbithole of whatever is the most efficient grind is going to get nerfed. Maybe thats a sign to deply some bronze changes cough cough


But like, if you’re not a frog farmer you’re way behind still. Why is there nothing being done to bronze acquisition to help those that didnt frog farm?

Right now H raids are impossible if you didn’t, and you need a frog farmer to carry you. You also declined to raids if you’re not a frog farmer.

This whole “Frog farmer vs. not frog farmer” is extremely toxic. I want to level alts and get them OP, but I can’t even make ONE character OP let alone multiple.

The delayed action but the constant nerf to farms feels really tone deaf.