WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- July 3

I made a post about this!! Having the same issue!

Unable to learn some of my these new cosmetic ensembles because I already have the appearances unlocked for the Pandaren starting zone sets (when white quality gear became transmoggable).

Really frustrating! I want these ensembles unlocked because they are classified as “cosmetic” and work across any armor type on any class. The Pandaren starting zone gear is in fact armor type restricted thus not as desirable or versatile as these new ensembles!


Fix the damn cloak, or give everyone the ability to farm frogs to do 5m dps.

This is BS blizzard and you know it

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One solution to possibly engage with would be to create a scaling curve of increased drop rates for threads based on a calculation of the difference between yourself and other players in your “bracket”.

It won’t solve the bronze issue or really eliminate the frog cloaks, but now those frog enhanced cloaks will be passively pulling the rest of us higher… which seems fair to me. Since it still requires I engage with the game to get the bloody threads.

Frogs nerfed, goats nerfed, dal nerfed, heart trash nerfed.

So Blizzard are you actually going to address the real issues or just continue to nerf things? We need more bronze. Either you give us a lot more or you lower the upgrade costs. It’s simple but apparently it’s something akin to rocket science to you. You have hundreds of people telling you to fix the bronze and you’re standing around wondering what to nerf next. Or you can do the really smart thing of boosting everyone’s cloak to match the froggers, but you’re never going to do that.

And to everyone still wasting their time whining about the froggers, Blizzard isn’t going to do anything. At most, if by some miracle, they actually decide to do something, it’s going to be a temp ban for a week or two at the end of the event, which is when prepatch drops. Nothing they do to the froggers now is going to make up for anything. It’s probably why they are collecting information on the froggers. And say they ban them from playing Remix, right now. That’s not going to fix anything for the rest of us. We still aren’t getting enough bronze and scaling is still broke. Nothing has been ‘fixed’.

But by all means, continue to cry for frogger bans, while the rest of us try to actually get Blizzard to fix the event.

All good stuff… I just want to be able to take my level 70’s out of the remix if I want. Make it cost gold or something.

May 22, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Added clarity to the quest “The Great Water Hunt” to speak with Mudmug before gathering water.
  • Nostwin now sells Glyph of Shadow for Priests.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the quest “Where are My Reinforcements?” from proceeding as expected.
  • Improved the respawn rate and treasure from rares and rare elites across Pandaria.
  • Increased the amount of bronze and raised the drop chance for threads of time from airborne bronze.
  • Fixed an issue where players who faction-changed could not use the group finder for dungeons and scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the quest “Riding the Skies” from granting the appropriate Cloud Serpent mount.
  • Fixed an issue causing Wise Mari in the Temple of the Jade Serpent to not spawn Corrupt Living Water as intended.
  • Hutia was out of control in the Jade Forest, and has been convinced to relax a bit and stop hitting so hard.

Very nice change. Thankyou.

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Can’t really complain about the hotfixes listed here for today, but they do still feel somewhat lacking when playing (or trying to play) at level 70. Fixing the bugged mechanics that do too much damage would be nice (I mean the ones that literally do millions of damage, not just ones that only kill you if you’re undergeared).

And of course, there’s no mention of the multiple nerfs that occurred today alongside these hotfixes, nor has there been any real communication as to what the current design goals for Remix are intended to be.


15-20 Bronze from the small nodes, and 30-70 from the bigger ones so far feels much nicer. Thanks for this! Also, the big ones appear to have a 100% thread chance. Could just be lucky RNG for me, though. I’ve collected 30, and all of them have given a thread.

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Okay, great. This is a slight improvement.

Now, can we get any kind of communication on what’s going to be done to even ATTEMPT to restore the integrity of the game mode? Or can those of us who choose to play the intended way resign ourselves to being useless compared to people who took advantage of the various “farms”? It’s feeling more and more like Blizzard is missing the core issue of “Bronze acquisition + gear upgrade costs + thread acquisition feels bad”

To be clear, I’m not implying that the frog farm was an exploit (that’s not for me to decide), but it was clearly NOT the intention but has done significant damage to most players’ enjoyment of the mode. It’s very disheartening for those of us who leveled through questing zones and completed the related achievements to see that people who are brute forcing farming spots are continuing to earn greater rewards and getting even further ahead while other players have actually been screwed out of rewards that were added AFTER we chose to play the intended way.

While I appreciate this small list of bug fixes and the slight improvement to the flying orb nodes, Blizzard’s decision making over the last week in regards to this mode has felt like a slap in the face to those of who opted to partake in the content rather than mindlessly grinding and has massively deteriorated my opinion of the mode; I can’t currently recommend that other players pick it up in good faith.


You won’t get any. It’s a corporate environment, they’ll cover their backsides and stay mum on everything else. Even if they decide to ban people or strip them of their gains, you won’t hear it from Blizzard.

Even these hotfix posts are carefully approved by a PR team.


fix sha-skin regalia(LFR) and other ensembles rewarding the wrong pieces. Sha-skin regalia doesnt give the correct chest piece/vestments. You cant even preview the correct piece , when previewing the ensemble because its just the incorrect item. Happening to multiple sets. The hotfix yesterday pertaining that same chest piece didnt fix the ensembles. Bought the ensemble for 5k bronze, and was rewarded a questing chestpiece look?

Buff bronze rates please.


Yes, I’m all for buffing bronze rates further - but please just nerf the upgrade costs. This would make such a massive difference–all of the difference.


Hi, can yall pls fix the Quick Strikes tinker for frost dk? it currently doesnt work, it does absolutely nothing. i think the only thing that makes it proc is blood strike, but like i said, the tinker reads that it procs 100% from any ability… Fix pls.

so yall nerfed the loot of Heart Of Fear and not gonna point it out?

Any chance you could extend this to all glyphs?

wow still no reduction to upgrade cost or changes to make alts benefit more from main’s progress on stats. Infinite farm on multiple characters is just not reasonable and is poor game design, especially when adding the high bronze cost for upgrading and the rings/amulet/trinkets not being account wide… Thanks for the changes so far but the tiny increases to the bronze gains for chest and more item drops and floating orbs seems to make us think we (devs and playerbase) are not on the same page about how much bronze would be reasonable and how much time we want to commit to grinding this, suppose to be crazy and fun event…


No fix for 70 tanks being unable to hold aggro
No fix for the 5 mans that have dungeon bosses with more HP than raid bosses
No fix for basically anything that is causing issues at 70
No reduction in upgrade cost but a constant nerf battle on farm spots

You ruined this event Blizz


no fr, also idk what they did to all the mobs, but everything is so difficult to kill now, i thought the entire point of this even was to be broken.