WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- July 3

Now that they have more numbers, perhaps they’ll implement level 70 tuning and scaling. It is pretty bad.
Also things needed: more thread carrying over to alts, jewelry achievs carrying over to alts, and open lfr to the jewelry achievs. This removes some of the mustard brought forward by the gateholding of the big bad frog bois.

If they want to approach the subject of the frog farmers, do a stat squish, then open it back up (moving forward fix). Anything related to the bronze they gained is very time intensive and extremely hard for developers to remove items from players.

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Did they fix the dk quick strike bug that made it so that it was only useful to blood dks?

ok, but 25% more bronze from only caches is a drop in the bucket… That is the only major concern anyone has since the rewards cost too much bronze, and upgrading our gear also… for some reason… costs bronze… while our cloak xp rots…

These blue posts still give off tone-deaf energy.


How about changing this to 100%.


Please just make achievements account bound and not character bound. Doing scenarios and every raid on multiple alts does not sound fun.


May 21, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • We have made the following changes to improve Thread of Time gain for the Cloak of Infinite Potential. Our goal with these additional items is to give players access to more Threads of Time from daily repeatable sources. These should serve as readily attainable power-ups from a wide variety of content, so players can enjoy the breadth of Pandaria while also gaining additional power. There are four new items that grant players escalating amounts of power for the Cloak of Infinite Potential:
    • Minor Spool of Eternal Thread
    • Lesser Spool of Eternal Thread
    • Spool of Eternal Thread
    • Greater Spool of Eternal Thread
  • Players will be able to find these new items from a variety of solo and group sources, ensuring all players have accessible ways to improve their cloak:
    • Infinite Bazaar Repeatable Dailies
    • First-Time Daily Scenario, Dungeon, and each LFR queue
    • World Bosses
    • Remix Achievements
      • Each of these achievements are available for additional characters to complete as well for bonus Bronze - and now bonus Spools of Eternal Thread.
    • Troves of the Thunder King scenario on the Isle of Thunder
  • We’ve made the following changes and bugfixes are intended to address concerns about the balance of low- and high-level players in various Remix content.
    • The health of creatures in heroic scenarios has been decreased by 20% - 25%, based on the players’ levels. Higher level players will see enemies incur a larger decrease.
    • The health and damage of creatures on the Timeless Isle, Isle of Giants, and Isle of Thunder has been reduced.
    • Several spell gems (that were not scaling up or down correctly based on player level) have been adjusted so that they provide a more-appropriate scaling effect. This includes Cold Front, Windweaver, Vampiric Aura, and Lightning Rod.
    • Spell gems with shielding effects should no longer cause threat.
    • Fixed a bug with Righteous Frenzy not canceling upon the end of combat.
    • Timerunner’s Vial mana regen significantly increased.
  • Adjusted the reputation granted from Granite Quilen to be more in line with expected values.
  • Fixed an issue in Guo-Lai Halls causing trap tiles to flicker.

If we have already completed most achievements will we receive our threads via mail or automatically? or…?


300! do I hear 300!? :hammer:


Any chance of awarding these retroactively?


Quick question - do Blizzard employees not feel shame for their incredible level of incompetence?


Even if they gave us retroactive spools the frog farmers will have them as well. So we will always be behind. Not a great choice on blizzards part because now they’ve opened a can of worms that can’t be closed. Any change moving forward will not be enough, I’d say at this point get your transmog and go back to whatever else you were doing. Whether it be SOD, Cata, or retail.

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What the actual hell…


You guys. Come on.

Can you please just make the cloak a 1 to 1 transition from main / max to a new alt?

Can you just bump the bronze across the board? 25% more in caches is okay but still should be higher.

I just hit 60. I’m not even close to getting one of the most expensive mounts.


Its very disheartening to see so many patches/updates to so many things but ctrl+f Bronze and so much of it is

“in addition to the existing Lesser Bronze Cache.”

I don’t care about threads and gems I just want bronzeeeeeeeeeeeee, running every MoP raid every single day already isn’t that engaging or a fun way to spend 2 hours in this one specific part of the WoW-universe of Dragonflight S4/SoD/Cataclysm, it’s less fun when those two hours of daily raids nets me like 12000 bronze and I need 9000 to upgrade my weapon one single time not to mention every other piece of armor before I get back to weapon


I am loving the new event so far. I’m having a blast being an absolutely overpowered Demonology Warlock with a bunch of added fire effects with my tinker gems. One major problem I have been facing and seems to be many of the players I’ve chatted with is being stuck in combat. This has prevented me from looting bosses in dungeons/raids and has been a considerable annoyance. Has there been any focus on fixing this problem? My initial recommendation would be a 30 second window. If your character is not attacked after 30 seconds, then combat automatically drops. I hope you work this fix this issue. Other than that, this event is awesome. Cheers!

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Can you take a look at scaling again overall? Going from 64 to 65 takes a pretty significant chunk of my damage away. And that’s just random mobs in the Vale.


I hit 70 and had 38k lol

So because I actually played the game in one of the primary intended aspects, by doing the quests and achievements, all of these 1 time resource gains, that have now been buffed twice, are not retroactively granted.

So now, not only did I miss out on the 20x bronze/threads acquisition from frogs that would have provided enough bronze to completely upgrade gear and the 100k threads they got within a single day, but I also miss out on the ~3k threads for achievements I completed before this change.

Y’all still refuse to seriously address the bronze acquisition rate, compared to the amount required to get all the rewards. That’s assuming that you don’t spend anything on the gear upgrades that are mandatory to actually survive in content at 70. I have 14 Legendary gems and full 346 ilvl gear; I still get 1-2 shot by unavoidable/regular damage abilities when doing instanced content. I’m also going to be AFK while traveling for several weeks, and since y’all made this a limited time event, it will be even harder to collect most of the rewards.

What happened to the “fun, fast, and wild”, and the “overpowered? maybe. fun? definitely” taglines? Just throw those out the window because what you really mean is “basically the same speed of leveling as in retail with heirlooms” and “enjoy getting 1 shot in normal scenarios over and over for 45 minutes (vol’jin quest chain scenario)”. Thank goodness the NPCs don’t actually die and keep the enemies in combat so you can actually run back and continue fighting for another 3-5 seconds, otherwise it would be impossible.


Just turn the frogs back on lol.
I was enjoying the mop remix alot until I was getting higher in level and everything feels stronger now. Sitting at 70 and the power just isn’t there for me anymore, feels like doodoo
The froggers are hitting for what we all should be able to hit for

This is a good start, but…

  1. Cloak must be1:1 from main to alts. Period. Full stop. End of story. This is what you advertised, this is what you must do.
  2. Remove Bronze costs for gear upgrades. WHY are they even there in the first place, why??? People cannot take Bronze with them to Expanded. You’ve not told us, “Any Bronze you have leftover will be converted to Gold when Remix ends”, so NO ONE is hoarding the stuff. We. Do. Not. Need. A. Bronze. Sink.
  3. You can see who the frogsploiters are. Now, buff the rest of us to match (those of us who were actively playing when the frogsploitation occurred, not new characters or characters played after the frogs were nerfed) OR ban the frogsploiters for the duration of the event. Actions have consequences according to your own EULA and ToS, stand by them for once.
  4. In addition to removing the Bronze costs for upgrading (or reducing them by at least half if you must keep them in), perhaps change our max-level quest rewards? Currently, the system grants gold & xp (or just xp) upon quest completion, but at max level the amount of gold is much increased, presumably because xp is no longer required. For Remix (and any such events going forward) how about changing that gold reward to the special event currency, in this case Bronze? That would greatly help those who just want the stuff & maybe to dip their toes a little bit into the end-game they may not have experienced when MoP was current.
  5. It may be too late for this event, but in the future, please consider allowing us to mail gems/tinkers/scrolls to alts that can/will use them (or at least vendor or scrap them if we can’t mail them). I have gems on my warlock that she will never use but would be helpful for the priest I have created & not yet played. Yes, I know she will end up with them too, but isn’t the WHOLE point of this that alts are stronger as soon as they jump in & will level faster? Since the gems are RNG based, the ones that will make her stronger might not be granted until she’s level 70! Having the ability to send our alts the things that will make them stronger from the get-go falls right in line with what you advertised for this event.