WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- July 3

and threads not just spools of thread

I love the buffs to the caches and threads, I am also loving this event.

  1. I would like to see buffed also is the jewelry and trinkets being able to upgrade or upgrade with your item level.

  2. Buff the bronze and threads from Scenarios, Dungeons, and raids bosses and trash. I like running the content, to balance it so people just don’t run stuff over and over by themselves when they are powerful enough would be make the buff build with each person in the group.

  3. Like the cape achievements that build with power could you make the upgrades be cheaper on Alts to catch up or just make it when you get an achievement when you max out gear you get a discount for alts.


And what are you going to do about all these group of five people farming all the ordos mobs in my realm phase?? They have the zone completely clean, and if any mob respawns, it is grayed out inmediatly.

this is what you all asked for, what did you expect was going to happen when people heard the REP was increase by 700% now EVERYONE is going to farm instead of small groups who where farming before

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Any plans in the works to fix the other cosmetic set issues? Such as the Sun Pearl Clothing one?

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Why is that their problem? Lmao Form your own party or go to a different area.

Just go to the other areas in the map that give rep. Or wait like 3-7 days, it’s a temporary rep grind that people will grind through. Not a big deal, just a bummer.

You guys are definitely listening, contrary to popular belief :upside_down_face::wink: Sun Pearl Clothing issue fixed. :heart: Now if we can get a remix zone drop weapon recolor vendor become available after we hit lvl 70 and access to completing the storyline achv that would be great too, ijs I have a lvl 70 rogue alt that only one recolor for the sai & hook sword daggers has dropped & I’m almost finished with the story campaign. The Rng is weird too as another alt SMF warrior has only staff drops. Other than that I’ve been getting all the old retail cosmetics but weirdly they show as new & separate in my mog menu window

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I’ve finally started to invest in “gearing up” one of my time runners… this is not the grind I bargained for. I hit 70 at around 130k bronze and started the process. Ran my whole bronze dry and got all my gear to 388 and a couple pieces to 402. Did the quests this morning and now I’m still one piece shy of all 402.

At my current ilvl (357) I’m still uber-weak. The daily quests only net one piece upgrade but the weapon upgrade would require considerably more.

How do you all do this grind for gear!?

Non LFR raids.

Before the buff to caches, doing all the heroic raids daily would net you ~60k Bronze, now it’s close to ~120k. Ignore LFR unless you have extra time or are already locked out of non LFR raids.


Good advice - thanks! I used the group finder and jumped into a Terrace 10 normal. Easy peasy and 9k bronze! I also noticed the gear dropping there is definitely better too.

Thanks for the tip.

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Yeah, you’ll get a lot of blue gear dropping from normal and purple gear dropping from heroic. The only reason to do Mythic SoO is for the title and Bones of Mannoroth, it’s actually slightly worse Bronze than the heroic version.

How so? It drops the same bronze on the bosses as heroic, and there is more bronze from the trash? And in a full 476 geared group, it’s just as fast if not faster than heroic.

I was basing that on not having a full 476 group.

Gotcha, yeah the extra bronze from the trash won’t make up for the slower run if the group isn’t over geared for it. And even in some of the geared groups, you get the group that doesn’t understand you can’t just drag all the trash in that hallway before the last boss to the boss. It doesn’t end well 99% of the time (one group I was in managed to clear it)

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Heh, I did it while in a discord group, I think all the Manifestations caused the instance server to crash or hiccup or something. It was a slideshow for a while, I had to restart my client to find out if I was dead or not.

June 18, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Ensemble: Trailseeker’s Laminar Armor (White) now grants the correct set.
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June 21, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Fixed an issue causing Echo of Light from Holy Priest to scale incorrectly when there’s a level disparity.
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Can you guys please put up a armament recolor weapon vendor up that becomes available at level 70? I’ve leveled 3 other classes for particular weapon recolor drops and have been unsuccessful if farming them. Are you also going to address the missing weapon recolors that have been MIA? Such as “The Monkey King Staff”? The Rng needs attention, I’ve ran thru zones multiple times with this Pally with Prot set for the loot, zero 1 handed swords drops, everything I can use 1 handed for my class should drop & it doesn’t

July 3, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Fixed several issues with the achievement Elusive Foes: Timeless Isles.