WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- July 3

Uhh, bad news, they’re still a plate specific transmog. All the hot fix did was allow you to learn them on any character (not just plate) like all the rest of the ensembles.

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Not sure how any one got the impression it would make all classes able to wear the appearance, Even with the bug I knew it was only going to be able to add the appearance to your transmog list and not make it usable by any thing other then plate.

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Uh throne of thunder is a heroic run that i wouldnt bring a fresh 400 ilvl too, unless you have multiple op people in. That was the poinnt of abusing frogs, so you could start doing the harder daily raids xD

So now ilvl 400 is considered “”“fresh”“” if you dont have thousands and thousands on stats :dracthyr_crylaugh:

Man what is this mode about besides farm ear- I mean exploit early, exploit often…

Nah, it’s just that H ToT is apparently incredibly difficult for pug groups to complete, so to maximize their chances people who want to be carried increase the required ilvl of their carriers.

June 11, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Players who are holding the Tusks of Mannoroth cosmetic item on their non-plate wearing characters will now see an option on Pythagorus at any Infinite Bazaar to trade their item for a version that they can use to learn the Tusks of Mannoroth appearance for plate characters on their account.

I’m glad you guys are still fixing some bugs here and there and I don’t really have any complaints but if I could ask one thing. Is there somewhere else hotfix’s and patches are being posted for remix? I’ve noticed things changing here and there with in-game mechanics in scenarios and raids but haven’t been able to find anywhere that they are posted.


That’s all huh…



man you guys must be sleeping on the job when wowhead posted this like 4 days ago

402 ilvl should be getting you into heroics. People are being awful though and not inviting lower ilvl geared people for some of the heroics and it’s just stupid.

Most of the people who refuse to invite low ilvl players are low ilvl players themselves as well because they want a fast run and guaranteed success. At max ilvl you don’t care because you can either finish it alone or easily invite 1 or 2 highlander to make it doable and fast.

so you want a group of people with over 420ilvl for that boss to make it a bit easier

The sheer irony in this single sentence is gold. Did you just call yourself st…d?

I’ve joined heroic groups where most of the people had just dinged 70 with zero upgraded gear and it was fine.

because →

it made killing those bosses actually feel like an achievement because the two of us that were geared had to fight for every kill.

…and not because 402 was enough. What you had is an audience cheering for you while you were solo killing the bosses. They didn’t contribute anything other than the sight of their lying corpses all around the place while you 2 were pulling the weight of the whole group basically disproving your claim that ilvl 402 is enough for hc raids.

It’s not, 402 is severly low. Insignificant dmg, instant death due to unavoidable game mechanics. Carrying people is ok, calling others names because they refuse to do so is actually stupid.

Lol no kidding. I have been wondering why Blizzard doesn’t even let us know when they fix stuff. They even fixed ensembles, as reported by wowhead early yesterday but no mention here. Can only hope that it means they are too busy actually listening to the council feedback and making alts better?!? I like to get my hopes up just to have them crushed.

Yeah, I’m not particularly fond of ‘we hope you guys won’t notice’ changes in particular. I’m someone who’d actually want a pages-long list of hotfixes if that’s how many get pushed in one day. Show me everything! Not just the stuff you want me to see.

But if you’re not holding the token and learned the item, support tells you to submit a bug report. So now I’ve burned all the currency. There should be an option if you’re a non-plate wearer to see the transmog or be able to refund the original token.

Eh? To be clear, the fixes involving the Tusks aren’t to allow the transmog to be usable on any character. The fixes were to allow for non-plate classes to unlock the transmog. But the transmog itself is still locked to plate classes only. If you managed to use the token and obtain the transmog, there isn’t anything on your end that needs to be fixed!

June 12, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Bronze Cache values increased by 100%.
    • Minor Bronze Cache (250 → 500)
    • Lesser Bronze Cache (500 → 1000)
    • Bronze Cache (750 → 1500)
    • Greater Bronze Cache (1250 → 2500)
  • Spools of Eternal Thread stat gain increased by 200%.
    • Minor Spool of Eternal Thread (20 → 60)
    • Lesser Spool of Eternal Thread (50 → 150)
    • Spool of Eternal Thread (100 → 300)
    • Greater Spool of Eternal Thread (180 → 540)
  • Emperor Shaohao reputation increased by 700%.


Especially this! Even though I’m already exalted I am glad the rep was buffed so significantly!


The boost is great to have and all, But I think either some thing went wrong with the update coding itself or the post they made was wrong. I was doing a heroic scenario before seeing this new update post so I went back to the game to check and the cache I got only gave 2000 bronze not the mentioned 2500 bronze.

finally the gates are STARTING to open… almost took a month huh… come on. Good change regardless needs more.

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Well it’s definitely not nothing so I guess thanks. Really should think seriously about gear costs at least on alts. Carrying discounts over to alts would probably be the best change you could make.

It really feels like the better the idea the more Blizzard resists it. Sounds like there’s some egotistical force that demands players can’t have good input.

please buff world boss spawn rates next so many people can 1 shot them so there’s a big wait group at every world boss waiting for them to spawn

also the celestial world boss is bugged and can take hours to spawn at all