WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- July 3

I think they also got into heroics early when the groups were less selective and were being carried by multiple froggers. Now it’s rare for me to get into a group where there is anyone more geared than me. So fights are taking minutes (vs the 10-15 second kills I have recorded from the one time I got into a geared group a week+ ago).

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We cannot play with other factions now? Seriously? A chunk of the raiding party that I made new friends with (I avoid chatting with people so this is rare for me) are Alliance.

This is so messed up on so many levels.


This is such a massive L for Blizzard. As usual they won’t address it either.

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Dang they really are putting their foot down on not making any big changes. I guess I was the problem all along!

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This has become an issue

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June 6, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Found the missing Sky Admiral Rogers and returned her to her post so that players can continue “Onward and Inward”.
  • Chelon now spawns as expected on the Timeless Isle.

Any chance the Emperor Shaohao rep can be buffed?


Dont worry folks in 43 days more they might finally bring positive changes… :laughing:


The missing sky admiral rogers broke the jade forest campaign quests for alliance. Thanks.

402 ilvl should be getting you into heroics. People are being awful though and not inviting lower ilvl geared people for some of the heroics and it’s just stupid.

My advice is to start your own heroic groups. The only raid that’s annoying at any ilvl is H ToT - as Dark Animus is a pain regardless, so you want a group of people with over 420ilvl for that boss to make it a bit easier. But just start your own groups if you can’t get into any heroics. I’ve joined heroic groups where most of the people had just dinged 70 with zero upgraded gear and it was fine. The only one that was tricky was H ToT. At the very least, it made killing those bosses actually feel like an achievement because the two of us that were geared had to fight for every kill.

If you do the first 3 on heroic, you get over 40k bronze per day, and if you do SoO on normal and heroic daily, that easily gets you over. But it is a bit of a grind. I did it for a couple of days and then cut SoO down to just a heroic clear a day, because it’s so repetitive.

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Hopefully they fix the Tusks of Mannoroth by then. :pensive:


Just going to throw this here since I don’t want to start my own thread.

So, people deeply hate massive power gaps and watching other people play the game.

People also massively hate time-gating and excessive daily chores.

Blizzard may think this is a contradiction in a mode with an infinite power grind, but it didn’t have to be. If you wanted an infinite power grind, you should have made it so the first 100k threads come dramatically faster than the 2nd which come much faster than the third. That way the people who get out way ahead aren’t continuing to get more powerful at an even faster rate because their rate of power gain actually gets faster because they’re able to gain it faster with the power they now have. You also should have created a catch-up system so if you come in later on or play a lot less, the first X threads are dramatically faster where X increases every week.

Instead, you heavily time-gated most sources of bronze and threads by trying to make it a raid focused mode, but forgot about hyperspawns. Certain people got to bypass your awful time-gated system. Then you closed the hyperspawn routes without doing anything about the massive power gap besides the frogger cape nerf, which didn’t shorten the gap in a very meaningful way. So now you have a massive power gap BUT SLOWED DOWN THE RATE OF CATCH UP for most players, exponentially so for people who don’t raid.

TLDR: add a catch up system for faster thread gains and give us better un time-gated bronze acquisition outside of raids. And no, flying around through orbs and hoping to get rare spawns before they die isn’t it.


The more cynical side of me is whispering that devs DO play the game, and were frog farmers, which is why they nerfed cloaks, because they knew it would appease people for a short while untill they realized the gap was the gear and not the cloak, and that they wanted to use that advantage to be gods amongst the playerbase. Especially with them outright doing the “you think you do but you don’t” with all the feedback about bronze acquisition and gear upgrade costs, after them saying that they would be less stubborn and listen to the playerbase more.

The optimistic side of me is that the devs don’t play the game and are taking the stance that despite not playing the game, they know better than the player base, or that the person who designed it is being defensive against any change of their system despite some of it being constructive.

The point is moot for me, beta is out, I have the collectibles that I want, and the gamemode is pretty much ruined for me personally. I hope the ones who keep playing enjoy it, but I for one don’t like paying to be slapped in the face.


Whether they play it or not, the point was to provide a nerf that would temporarily satisfy both groups (wave the magic wand). The pissed off players would be like “YAY Blizzard nerfed the Froggers” while the Froggers would be like “That sucked, but it did nothing to me, my power comes from my 556 gear.” And at the end of the day it worked except for those of who were like “wait, they kept their 556 gear and all their bronze?” And if they hadn’t turned in their coins yet or still had thousands banked, they just buffed their cloak right back up.


I’d love it for you to lower the price of upgrading gear. I don’t get to play much, so when I do, I’m trying and struggling to get bronze to upgrade.


Can we have alternative use for bones of mannoroth?

Since bronze is a currency used for both upgrading gear and purchasing cosmetic items, this one could be considered as such, you either hold onto them until you have enough to buy your tusks/heirlooms or scrap every and each one of them as soon as you get them in order to be able to reach max ilvl before you would go for the cosmetic items, basically the same “philosophy” you came up with for bronze.

It would also incentivize people to actually start upgrading their gear for harder content, not to leave before we kill garrosh, doing mythic raids again since currently the only reason people would do it is for the achievement and the title that comes along with it.


I hope that there will be another rendition of “Remix”. It’s been a breath of fresh air to revisit content that normally would have gotten skip with the new leveling system, those who never got to truly experience Pandaria, or those like myself where Mist of Pandaria is their favorite expansion and get to relieve it.

Now I love the concept. It’s great way to get those alts in if you’re wanting more. Collection? Great way to get those decade long farms ended if you haven’t gotten them yet. Same with the toys. Also a wonderful way to refresh higher res models of older mounts in recolorations.

Tinker Gems, Meta Gems, and the gem system is a great change to give us “unbelievable” power unless it gets overused and it gets “nerf’d”. In a mode that is supposed to make us feel truly powerful, nerfing things kinda brings the fun out of it. I wish there was more of a different system for them that doesn’t take up bag or bank space. Even if you put the Meta gems in the bank, they’ll still drop and get into your bag. Maybe a collections tab for these temporary game modes so it doesn’t cause too much clutter.

Gear. This is where my problem begins. The gear should reflect the “difficulty” of the dungeon/raid. Especially with how bronze is. If you are doing more trivial content, the gear shouldn’t have to be upgraded more to make it comparable to use. If you’re doing Heroic Raids the base level should be at 400 not 346 where you have to waste more bronze to get it usable. This would make getting ilvl easier to get into things especially for raids like Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar where ilvl scales and the threads needed. So to help combat the need to feel like you need bronze to upgrade all the way, set raids with difficulty scaling at a different ilvl drop.

Bronze. Likewise with my gear, the bronze should reflect the gear level and quality to give more bronze once destroyed. Destroying an epic should give more than 50-60 bronze. Maybe 100-200 bronze. Nothing crazy. Same with rare quality gear should range from 75-100 bronze, and lastly, uncommon quality can still be the 50-60 range. This would also help with the issue of not able to earn enough bronze. I think the “bronze orbs” should also scale based on level. Example would be level 10-20 give the current amount but say level 70 give 200 bronze. Again this would help the influx of “not enough bronze”.

Lastly, I hope we see another “remix” in the future from older expansions to revisit it. Perhaps even at the end of each current expansion like it is now with Dragonflight to War Within. To help community involvement, perhaps do a poll to see where the community would love to do next.

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According to content creators that tested various methods the current bronze per hour is something like:

ToT + MSV Heroic Raids - 23k/H
Dailies (N+H Dungeon, N+H Scenario, LFR Wing) 22.8k/h
Levelling an alt - 21k/H (if you do it fast with raiding xp bonuses I assume)
Spamming Heroic Dungeons with an overgeared player - 8.2k/H
Flying through orbs (at level 70) - 8.2k/H
Questing - 5.9k/H

That means if you made a fresh character the full gear grind takes nearly 80 hours if you don’t do daily content or 28 hours of played time just doing the highest gain activities (but those are time-gated so you can’t do them constantly).

Also, looking at some random old video of froggers, in one of them a frogger made over 40k bronze in one hour + over 80k timeless coins and 2.5k lesser charms. This means that current players are making significantly less than half the bronze per hour that hyperspawn farmers were getting prior to the nerf since I believe you also got bronze for the charm turn-ins. That method also wasn’t time-gated, you could just do it constantly until you were done.

TLDR: buff bronze

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I’m having problems with the tusks. I bought it on my paladin before the hotfix. So I was able to use the item. Now I want to transmog the tusks on my monk. But I can’t buy the hotfixed item because there is no option to buy the item on the vendor. So what do i do with this? Any help is appreciated.

Uhh, bad news, they’re still a plate specific transmog. All the hot fix did was allow you to learn them on any character (not just plate) like all the rest of the ensembles.

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