WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- July 3

Having been in World of Warcraft since Warlords of Draenor, I have been around through some of but not all of Blizzard’s high’s and lows.

I never got to experience MoP as it was initially released and really never had an interest in Classic WoW, I liked being on the live servers with so many other players.

Combine that with the culture of pandaria matching some of my favorite culture from IRL, I was very excited for when they announced MoP Remix.

Seeing the leveling and the ability to gear an entirely new way, experience raid progression again but with a twist, quest through zones, get all the cosmetics I missed, etc? I really did want to play it a lot.

I got into the content about 10 days late cause I wanted to ensure the systems were more or less ironed out cause we all know how day 1 patches of content are… And when I got into it? I was super enthusiastic about it.

I really was excited to go nuts in this new content for the next three months.

Fast Forward to when I started getting into raids.

I felt powerful, very powerful. Because I was, I mean the scaling for lowbies is insane with this content! But then I started getting into more and more raids on a destruction warlock.

That is when everything changed, I started seeing bosses being deleted in 3s flat and was confused. I mean 3s isn’t even enough to get a proper chaos bolt off most of the time due to having to set it up with the DoT.

So I looked into what happened… and I came across one conclusion.

Frog Farmers

People had been exploiting and even though their cloak was nerfed? It did not effect the ilevel of gear.

This caused a severe imbalance and sent a single message:
Exploit while and when you can, cause blizzard will not care if you do.

And that is not the type of game I wish to support, couple that with the forums decision to flag any post threatening their precious exploited gear and this?

And I am sorry blizz but you just lost me.

I tried to love the content, but you killed it.

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I mean, even a lazy player like me who started out only grouping for the instance dailies and never doing any mob farming whatsoever has 556 gear now. I think it’s safe to say that there’s been plenty enough time for maybe not all players, but definitely a portion of them to have ‘caught up’ to the early farmers. And there’ll only be more players reaching that point as time passes. Are you turned off from Remix just because a few players got there earlier than intended, even though by now there’re probably more players who got there ‘normally’ than there were who did so by farming?

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You did a whole lot more than just the instance dailies, because here’s the thing. It costs 577,950 bronze to fully upgrade your gear. Today is day 18 since the launch (May 16th was launch). 577,950 / 18 = 32,108 bronze per day. The first half of those 18 days the dailies hadn’t even been buffed yet, so the math just isn’t adding up.

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I never said I only did dailies though. I said I started out doing them, and then eventually moved into doing normal then heroic raids. I’ve actually only been doing non-LFR raids for a bit over a week now (first MSV clear was on the 25th, and the last normal clear for me was SoO on the 29th)!

Doesn’t matter because now everyone is starting to just climb on 476 ilvl players and get easy heroic bronze. Do your dailies, join a faceroll 3/5 group and you make a ton for like 1-2 hours.

June 3, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Mini Mana Bomb (Horde) and Theramore Tabard (Alliance) are now available from Horos at any Infinite Bazaar for players who have completed Theramore’s Fall for their given faction on any Timerunner.
    • Developers’ notes: There is no more need to complete it at exactly level 35.
  • Fixed an issue where some steps of the Infinite Power achievements could be skipped for players.
  • Tuft of Yak Fur, am I right? Now they stack.

Finally, I can stop the loot sparkles.

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Kaivax could we please get a buff to Emperor Shaohao rep? :slight_smile:

Let me know when you’re ready to accept defeat and admit it is time to roll back the exploiters gear and lower the cost of bronze upgrades, till then? none of this matters.

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dood… I didn’t engage in any exploits and I can solo world bosses now

The ones where they don’t invite people less than 420 ilvl? The ones I get invites to I’m the most geared player and it takes 2 hours to clear ToT and SOO each.

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Yay, now all I need to do to be able to check my mail again is to delete out the extra meta abilities that I also got mailed for some reason!

I love this! :rofl:

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are you doing 22 million dps as a tank to a raid boss that dies in less than 2 seconds? You aren’t close to the exploit a TON of people used.

The Ws keep piling up. Like tufts of yak fur.

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Just posting here as well that you forgot to mention the hotfix that eliminated cross faction play.


Just can’t stop losing.

Tusks of Mannoroth fix will be when?

If they can’t be fixed, can you at last have it so Bronze and the bones of Mannoroth can be BOA so that we can get them on a plate wearing alt if we were silly enough to level and gear up a non-plate toon?


I hit maxed ilvl last week without farming frogs or anything else.

Here’s how I did it. I put all my bronze into my gear (except for that sneaky elegon mount I bought the moment I could). I did and still do the dailies (dungeons and scenarios on normal and heroic as they both give chunky bronze daily).

When I hit 70, I did normal raids every day and then when my gear upgraded a few levels, I switched to heroic and if I had the time, I did normal and heroic SoO. You get close to 40k doing all that content each day. I waited until I hit 70, because I was kind of enjoying doing each of the zones and doing the achievements. I think I did a couple of MV’s and HoF on normal in mid 60’s, but I just focused on the quests and achievements for the rewards from those. But I saved my bronze and then upgraded when I got 346 gear. Then switched to epic gear and upgraded those when I started doing the daily raids.

I would like to thank the frog farmers though. Because without them, I wouldn’t have gotten the nice chunky 40k bronze when they implemented that fix. Because of that, my alts now get to 70, get the bronze, buy whatever, making my life much easier and making this remix experience much more fun and I don’t have to “farm” for anything.

When I was waiting for dungeon queues to pop, I’d fly around and grab all the floating bronze orbs that I could. If I spotted a rare, I’d tag it, but mostly, I just flew around aimlessly while waiting for the queue to pop or try to get into a raid pug. My rep with Shaohao on my main toon in remix just hit friendly a couple of days ago and it’s still just under 1200 into friendly a few days later, because I don’t even bother going there for the world bosses anymore. I did the dailies there for a few days and then stopped because it was boring.


Today is day 19, if you hit it last week, you were earning way more than 40k each day on average. And I am doing all the above as well (3 quests, daily normal & heroic scenario / dungeon, all raids on normal (no one will invite me to a heroic and I’m in all 402’s now)), and I’m barely earning enough to do 1 full set of upgrades per day (like yesterday, I came out short of being able to upgrade everything by like 500 bronze, and I ran out of time as it takes hours to get through all the raids (because the groups that will invite me I end up being the most geared player, so ToT and SOO combined take HOURS). So while I get it, as you said, you’re doing other things as well (for me, that spare time you talk about doesn’t exist, I’m playing a tank so I get into most of the queues within 15-30 seconds, and kind of hard to fly around while spam applying to raids, and even those don’t take long).

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