WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- July 3

You guys are starting to actually make me angry. The appearance for Tusks of Mannoroth are still bugged, and yet there have been how many nerfs in the past week.

Stop nerfing the fun stuff. Fix the bugs.


I have yet to see any mention of fixing the transmog unlocks too. Lovely. Typical Blizzard

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Wasn’t it learned before that scaling things by item level is both painful and unfair? Like it creates a divide where people who truly care about min/maxing just don’t wear gear in slots that are bad for damage increases, guess what, we have 5 slots currently useless, deleting those items will be the new norm. Then we have the punishment for people who don’t delete gear because they’re playing as intended and have the ilevel to trip your stupid requirement. THEN since you’re bloody brilliant, if you set a requirement that if you had the item before you will have the ilevel permanently flagged as attained on your character, then you’re punishing people who don’t make new characters to get around your stupid ilevel requirement because alts aren’t FORCED to get rings/trinkets/neck ever and so therefore can just have less ilevel because you guys are punishing the people playing your game early. JUST QUIT USING ILEVEL SCALING ALREADY AND APPRECIATE YOUR COMMUNITY THAT IS PLAYING THE FREAKING GAME. “But we do” NO YOU DON’T, ILEVEL SCALING IS A DIRECT INDICATOR THAT YOU DON’T ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE FUN OR THE TIME INVESTMENT OF THE PEOPLE PLAYING THE FREAKING GAME. Moral of the story is, quit being dicks. Thank you.

This game mode is amazingly fun and fantastic, you have done an awesome job on it, like freaking massive kudos on making something stupid fun! Quit nerfing stuff and making it harder for no reason, I’m trying to ignite the homies desire to love the game mode and you’re freaking putting a damper on all the stuff! You’re going to make them quit just by being nerfbat jack wagons. Thank you for coming to my rant.

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Yo, I love you guys for fixing it! Thank you so much Blizz!

So, lets just delete gems and all good <3

May 30, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Righteous Frenzy can no longer be cast on non-party members.
  • In the Throne of Thunder Dark Animus encounter, the increased damage and attack speed by Anima Golems casting Acceleration Link has been reduced to 100% per stack (was 250%).
  • In the Throne of Thunder Iron Qon encounter, Storm Cloud should no longer deal extreme damage to players.
  • In A Brewing Storm, Viletongue Skirmishers’ Viletongue Sting now reduces healing by 60% (was 90%).
  • Fixed a bug that unintentionally added additional enemy health for highly geared players against Heroic raid bosses.
    • Developers’ notes: In combination with previous recent hotfixes, this should result in health and damage versus Heroic raid bosses being as intended for players of higher and lower item levels, so that players of mixed item levels can have a better experience playing together. Overall, players with higher item levels should do greater damage and have greater survivability.

how about a hotfix to the base game maybe


Why are you gaslighting us again? We all know the change was a poorly thought-out purposeful addition to the game.


I didn’t realize it was buffed and definitely wiped a group.

Combine that with the insane upgrade cost all my echo of light was doing was making the other healer’s job harder. So that was a fun discovery.

This is still a half-baked hotfix of a quarter-baked hotfix, since

the 369 Cheese still works and will nerf a boss by 20% for almost no loss – jewelry pieces are such low item level and provide so little stats (total of 873 secondary stats and some Stamina), you lose almost nothing for removing them.

Nothing about gear for ALTS yet… Much sad.

Unintentional, absolutely, you unintentionally opened a can of worms while hoping your change would allow a more vast iLVL difference in raids, but it didn’t work, it just meant we pushed the iLVL requirements higher and found ways around the fix and it made it worse for everyone who was not 420+ geared.


That’s being pretty generous.
It’s more like they sat the mix down on the oven and immediately just shlopped a fat, raw dollop of it out onto our plates.


Any chance you could do something about the Emperor Shaohao rep? It’s such a slog.

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Not to be mean but no ones asking for these changes. Maybe they are just trying to tick boxes to show the managers idk.


Cool. Hotfix upgrade prices when?

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They don’t need to cut the upgrade costs, just spoil us with more Bronze

People asking to lower the cost of upgrading when there are still 80 days left in the event… 2-3 days doing normal/lfr progress and 5-6 days doing everything that can be done in the daily heroic lockout and they already have their 555ilvl gear.

People are lazy

No, to correct your statement? People do not want to slave away for 13+ hours a day just to gear up during an event designed to be fun.

There was no balance after the frog farmers and blizzard gave a tone deaf response to everyone including the big name streamers criticizing them.