WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- July 3

Yes, give us more bronze, once gear is fully upgraded that’s it, but more bronze means more cosmetics I can buy

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I also think it’s kinda funny that this thread was ‘updated’ for May 28th but it was just to add last Friday’s hotfixes to the post. :rofl:


I really don’t think the devs are reading community feedback. I’ve read thousands of user feedback across us.forums.blizzard, reddit, wowhead, and YouTube. Right now the customer sentiment is negative for this game mode and is only getting worse with the bad hotfixes.

They need to really loosen up at the office. They are treating this game mode like they are doing tax audits or something. Player fun should always be at the center of decision making.


Yes, some folks have a negative impression of the event. But as with anything, someone who’s unhappy with something is more likely to express that sentiment than someone who’s happy with it. A prevalence of ‘negative sentiment’ doesn’t mean that there aren’t players happy with the event, nor does it mean that the unhappy ones are a ‘majority’.


Thats where I’m at. Yeah it has its issues, but really its not that bad… I’m enjoying the heck out of this mode

Do your RDF dailies, and hit a few daily raid bonuses and you have 1 full set of upgrades in 1 day. After a week, you feel significantly stronger than before and its fun to see things melt lol. Once you reach a satisfactory level of power, then just start farming for cosmetic stuff / mounts. One normal raid gives anywhere between 10-20k bronze, mix that in with some dailies and you’re getting quite a few things in one day.

People are just having fun being negative, the mode isn’t that bad lol. It does have a ton of bugs though :rofl::rofl:

*edits are because I suck at spelling :sweat_smile:

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May 29, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Endgame tuning adjustments have been made to Heroic Scenarios, Heroic Dungeons, and Normal Raids so that they increase in power more slowly between levels 60 and 70. Heroic and Mythic raids have been adjusted so there is a smoother transition between them.
  • Players who completed the Pearlfin Jinyu questline can now bring Lesser Charms of Good Fortune to Elder Lusshan for additional reputation.
  • Players who completed the Forest Hozen questline can now bring Lesser Charms of Good Fortune to Chief Kah Kah for additional reputation.
  • Fixed a bug that inadvertently capped the maximum stats that can be gained on a Cloak of Infinite Potential. That cap has been removed.
  • Shado Pan Assault reputation earned per boss kill increased to 1000 (was 300). This amount is available daily.
  • Elder Great Turtles and Ancient Spineclaws have migrated back to the Timeless Shore, which should benefit players who are just Killing Time.
  • Illusion: Sha Corruption can now be destroyed by players who have already learned it elsewhere.
  • Adjusted and tuned several gem effects:
    • Arcanist’s Edge absorb amount (that can be converted into damage) has been doubled.
    • Fervor health amounts (that can be converted into damage) has been doubled.
    • Righteous Frenzy damage dealt to targets increased to 2% per second (was 1%).
      • Developers’ notes: This should give healers a bit more to do while optimizing their group’s damage, and it should make some gem combinations even more interesting.
    • Searing Light collected healing points increased to 10% (was 7%).
    • Slay cannot critically strike.
      • Developers’ notes: Slay still hits for the player’s entire health amount, and will remain an incredibly powerful option.
    • Ward of Salvation no longer applies a heal absorb. It has been reworked so that the caster’s heals are duplicated as an absorb shield, but not other sources of healing.
      • Developers’ notes: Ward of Salvation will remain a powerful way for healers to deliver some additional damage, but should not trivialize the most difficult raid encounters.

Yur really taking the piss by continually nerfing everything. How about you read the 3000 posts. And give me a simple blue that says “reduced gear cost by 80% we are sorry for not listening”


Just completely keep taking the fun out of a game mode that’s supposed to be fun… Where are the nerfs to the Gear upgrade Costs!!!


It moved to 10M, it’s not “removed”… Apparently lying in the first place wasn’t enough, so now Blizz lies some more. What a joke.

Like we arent getting feedback you have a 36-1.5 nerf to buff ratio. You arent ““buffing”” anything. You arent giving us increased bronze rewards from anything you sure as hell arent giving 99.99% of the playerbase what they want you had a 3 day weekend letting the problem fester and get worse how about instead of ignoring us, instead of nerfing every single farm we create because you are forcing us to do it the unfun way farming 1,000,000 mobs to get half decent bronze per hour.

2 options
1: swallow your shadowlands covenant pride BS and give the players what they want. Gear costs that are affected by all alts. A 1-1 cape. And an 80% decrease in the cost of gear.
2: make every raid boss drop 10,000 bronze. Gotta give us a bone which one is it gonna be.

The fair one you PROMISED or the 2nd one where i’ll abuse it to get all mounts and leave a terrible gamemode timegate fomo circle that you created. Cuz thats what everyone is playing rn is doing. They dont care about the event anymore. You are ruining power. You are nerfing everything that you create to the floor. And sucking the fun out of everything


Cool, now can you do something to the Emperor Shaohao rep? Like make the Daily Kill 20 Elites gives 2500 rep instead of 250?


for the love of god fix shaohao rep so i dont take as long farming it as i did 12 years ago…it was not fun then and it aint fun now in “everything is faster except shaohao” remix


Oh boy I sure do love being healed to death during all the RP downtime in these ancient raids.
Great decision. Feels really fun, fresh and fast.


When you said Remix was going to be a fun and overpowered way to play the game, this is not what I expected. The game mode, in its current state, is not what was promised. The issue with the currency for cosmetics also being the currency to upgrade gear without any nerfs is not enjoyable. Instead of making Remix a grind fest by nerfing everything, why not embrace your players and let them play how they want to play?

If Player A wants to farm hyperspawning mobs for 20 hours, let them. Just like Player B shouldn’t have to worry about jerks in group finder, so let them queue for LFR and earn a good amount of currency. Forcing everyone into specific activities is not fun. Move away from this restrictive design.

And for the love of God, swallow your pride and listen to the players. They are the ones you should be worried about, not the shareholders. If the players don’t like the game, they won’t play, and if they don’t play, the shareholders won’t get paid.

Please consider these points seriously. Your loyal players want to enjoy the game as much as you do.


Pull the rip cord


It explains why they had a knee-jerk reaction nerf to people with 100k stamina cloaks. They were halfway to maxxing it out.

Doesn’t explain why they’ve increased it to 10mil AFTER nerfing it. (except because mythic SoO was still hard even with froggers).

Even getting to 1million cloak stats is borderline impossible in 3 months, so it really is “infinite” unless they plan on increasing thread/bronze scaling later on (they won’t).

I’m still going to go on and on about the Shado-Pan robes and extra helm! Can we get any word on the bugged mogs as well?


You guys are starting to actually make me angry. The appearance for Tusks of Mannoroth are still bugged, and yet there have been how many nerfs in the past week.

Stop nerfing the fun stuff. Fix the bugs.


I have yet to see any mention of fixing the transmog unlocks too. Lovely. Typical Blizzard

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Wasn’t it learned before that scaling things by item level is both painful and unfair? Like it creates a divide where people who truly care about min/maxing just don’t wear gear in slots that are bad for damage increases, guess what, we have 5 slots currently useless, deleting those items will be the new norm. Then we have the punishment for people who don’t delete gear because they’re playing as intended and have the ilevel to trip your stupid requirement. THEN since you’re bloody brilliant, if you set a requirement that if you had the item before you will have the ilevel permanently flagged as attained on your character, then you’re punishing people who don’t make new characters to get around your stupid ilevel requirement because alts aren’t FORCED to get rings/trinkets/neck ever and so therefore can just have less ilevel because you guys are punishing the people playing your game early. JUST QUIT USING ILEVEL SCALING ALREADY AND APPRECIATE YOUR COMMUNITY THAT IS PLAYING THE FREAKING GAME. “But we do” NO YOU DON’T, ILEVEL SCALING IS A DIRECT INDICATOR THAT YOU DON’T ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE FUN OR THE TIME INVESTMENT OF THE PEOPLE PLAYING THE FREAKING GAME. Moral of the story is, quit being dicks. Thank you.

This game mode is amazingly fun and fantastic, you have done an awesome job on it, like freaking massive kudos on making something stupid fun! Quit nerfing stuff and making it harder for no reason, I’m trying to ignite the homies desire to love the game mode and you’re freaking putting a damper on all the stuff! You’re going to make them quit just by being nerfbat jack wagons. Thank you for coming to my rant.

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