WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- July 3

You can take a seagull, too. Still get ported out, tho.

I’m sure some people won’t agree but the frog farm nerf is bs. I don’t mean because of the power leveling either. I know the event was designed to level alts but a wide % of your community are OG player with all the alt they could ever want so the drive for older players to be here is getting hard to obtain mounts mogs pets and toys. that being said there needs to be a way for players just looking to get extras and not alts to acquire bronze more efficiently otherwise that group of players will lose interest.


also to the skies quest needs fixing not the frog farm!


just a thought but there is no reason for us to be given gold in the remix event it has no purpose… no auction house no repair no tmog fees nothing instead of 29 gold per quest on average at 70 make it bronze!!!


I think it’s because it carries over to the main game is you choose to. You can transfer that gold to a toon you want to have it

Hello. We’ve deployed the following hotfixes since our last update:

May 20, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Shirts and tabards can now be purchased from Larah Treebender at any Infinite Bazaar, Mei Steadypaw outside the Shrine of Two Moons and the Shrine of Seven Stars, and Hanchoon Yi at Paw’don Village, Honeydew Village, Shrine of Two Moons, and Shrine of Seven Stars.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Timerunners with a legendary Infinite Cloak of Potential from accessing Ordon Sanctuary as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with the spawning of Voress’thalik which prevented the completion of “Devastation Below”.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from learning Amber Pterrordax.
  • Fixed a bug causing Gulp Frogs to unintentionally drop Lesser Charms of Good Fortune.
  • Enemy power scaling, particularly in group content, has been adjusted to be less aggressive. This is particularly applicable in the player level 40 - 70 range, before players have been able to power up their cloak, upgrade their gems, and increase their item level.
  • Gear drop-rates have been improved from world rares, rare elites, and quests. This will help players who have had their item levels fall behind as leveling speed increases, especially at higher levels when cloak bonus experience is powered up.
    • Developers’ notes: This will also increase player Bronze and appearance acquisition by increasing the number of items to place into the Unraveling Sands for additional Bronze.
  • The first-time bonus for queueing each LFR wing will grant a Thread of Experience in addition to the existing Lesser Bronze Cache.
    • Developers’ notes: This should improve LFR as a viable choice for leveling main characters and alts, without players feeling like they need to grind the same LFR wing repeatedly.
  • We have added bonus experience to each boss in normal dungeons and scenarios so they are a viable alternative to questing. Bonus experience has also been adding to the last boss of Heroic Scenarios. Heroic dungeon bosses will continue to drop bonus experience.
  • We’ve increased the number of prismatic gems dropped from bosses in normal and heroic scenarios and dungeons.
    • Developers’ notes: The increased stamina offered by Legendary Prismatic gems boosts player survivability considerably.
  • We have increased the Bronze granted from all qualities of Bronze Caches by 25%.
    • Developers’ notes: These caches are available from a wide variety of sources, both solo and group. This includes the Minor Bronze Cache, Lesser Bronze Cache, Bronze Cache, and Greater Bronze Cache.
  • Fixed an issue where Sha-Skin Vestment was marked as Cosmetic instead of Cloth armor.

Awesome fixes! Hoping for more later tonight and tomorrow (such as August Celestials resetting and unending combat).

Is there any chance for a Mage/Portal trainer to be added to the shrines so mages can learn Arcane Momentum and the Vale Portal/Teleport?

Also can all glyphs be added to Nostwin as many players miss their glyphs?

That’s it? No comment on absurd bronze prices for gear upgrades?

No comment on frog gods doing 5 million dps and soloing raids? No alternative catch up for non frog exploiters?


This is basically a dead event now unless you make SWEEPING changes. This tiny little changes do nothing.

This was Advertised as 90 days of OP fun. Now only frog abusers are OP.


Thank you so much for the tabard on a vendor, can finally complete my mogs.

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All the things to concentrate on that will really get this remix back up and running, and this is what they chose to spend the day working on?


What an absolute joke. Do something to give us a chance to catch up to the frog farmers or this event is dead.



Maybe you can tell us how we’re supposed to max this cloak out? It seems like it’s behaving different than what was advertised as far as other characters are concerned?


There’s just no way an entire set of developers got together for several hours and thought this was the best solution.

Players literally have full 556 gear, all the mounts, all the toys, all the transmogs because they killed frogs (and yes we know they do because they stream it)…

The best solution you guys could come up with was:

  • More item level limited gear that you can scrap for 25 bronze
  • 25% buff to caches (many of which were one time caches that people already opened)?

I mean really? Maybe I am in the wrong industry if this is a ‘good’ solution.


I thought we’d be able to blast through things (i.e. be OP) and that this would be a good event to level up alts much faster than retail based on the blog and videos that were released. It seems to have missed this mark. Is anything going to be done to make it closer to what was advertised?


I don’t normally actually bash blizzard, but this is pathetic.
Yall got about a week before this event crumbles to dust with the way the frog gods are, if something is not done swiftly.


The messaging on this is just sad. Responses to valid complaints would be grand.


Its funny bc I was gonna relevel all my toons, not even to play them, but just to have them there bc I have every class at max atm, and going to a new realm.
I sure as hell am not giving blizz anymore than my $15 a month to play this game now lol.
Makes me want to go back to ffxiv again, and that’s sad.


They ever fix people’s Timerunners getting their stuff deleted into the void?

Those last 2 hotfixes were extremely lack luster. What happened to having better communication with us?


I mean if frogs were still here it would be, but I guess we one shot raids too fast huh even though that was advertised. Feeling pretty scammed