WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- July 3

It sucks but playing for an hour a day doing dailies will get you thousands of stats a week and tens of thousands of bronze. If you wanna shorten that you gotta grind.

Or just wait a month and get carried through Heroics and Mythic Siege for lots of ez bronze. Whichever.

Refer back to carries being sold 4 million gold per run

That’s now. Those players know they have limited time before normal players are gonna be there and doing runs. It sucks yeah, but it’s not like this issue will last. Also they are absolutely (sadly) allowed to do gold trading for in-game services like this. Is it right? It defeats the purpose and enables $$ to trump effort and time. But those players have always existed so idk. It’s gonna happen regardless.

Would not have to nerf the frog farm if you guys would have just made weekly currency locks like you did for EVERYTHING else in Dragon Flight. Hard to believe this is a billion dollar company many times over.

Something else, now that you’ve increased item drops, how about increasing the speed of scrapping said items?

May 23, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Normal scenarios, Normal dungeons, Heroic scenarios, Heroic dungeons, and daily Infinite Bazaar quests now award a Cache containing 5x as much Bronze as before.
    • Developers’ notes: We intend for players to earn more Bronze as you level up, so you can more easily start purchasing upgrades and rewards. At level 70, these caches now award 8750 Bronze (this was previously 1750 Bronze).
  • Fixed an issue where the Celestial Court bosses on the Timeless Isle would occasionally despawn.
  • Fixed a bug affecting the scaling of certain Tinker gems.
  • Putrid Waste enemies in Throne of Thunder no longer deal extreme amounts of Putrify damage.
  • Brewmaster Blanche now queues you for A Brewing Storm when asked.
  • The Paragon of the Mists title is now account wide.


Any possibility on tweaks to Dark Animus in ToT, many classes like fire mage have incidental AoE etc with ignite.

Also can you buff Shaohao rep?

EDIT: OH, it’s just the total amount of bronze from the dailies + LFD/Scenarios… You should just make the cache buff be a full 100% instead of 25% so we get 2k from each Greater Bronze Cache. 14k bronze a day from the dailies and 1st LFD/Scenario would feel alot better than 8750.

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Just did a Heroic Dungeon for the new Cache. Cache still only awarded 1250 Bronze. This was at lvl 70.

Edit: Just did a full run for all of the new caches. All of them only awarded 1250 Bronze.


Ok. A good start. Now make the achievements retroactive.

Edit: I thought this was 8750 cache per first run. But now it’s 8750 altogether. Just more crumbs.


Also, this specifies more than just the daily, it says these on TOP of the daily quests.

I just did a normal, but not my first of the day, and got no cache, so this is false. It’s only the first of each that you do, this is another false advertisment.

While it’s nice that Putrid Filth will no longer function as the most ironic cleaners ever, I’m worried that this was the only buggy mechanic that’s been fixed in Throne of Thunder. Was anything else maybe silently fixed and not included here?

Yet ensembles like lfr sha skin regalia still rewarding wrong pieces. Other ensembles don’t even unlock anything. All blizzard cares about is nerfing the event, and not people trying to collect. All devs have to do is preview the ensembles and see what a mess they released. But again, all they care about is nerfing

Also, I think they may have misspoken on the Bronze buff. I think it may only be for the first daily random each day, in case anyone was thinking this would be from each run.

Hmm, I just queued for a scenario since I saw the hotfix was live, and the reward listed was the Greater Cache (legendary). I got it, opened it, and got exactly 1317 Bronze from it. Not 8750.

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Well that’s lovely…

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Nope, not working as advertised.


Also, is this first of each daily per ACCOUNT, or per character?

Same. Bugged.

That’s so on par with Blizzard. Putting something out there bugged

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Yes it is. It was 7 caches that gave 250 bronze each before. Now it is 7 caches that award 1250 each.


They just worded it poorly.


can you be more specific