Wow! Really blizz? Can't even do a +3


It really shouldn’t mess up your keybinds or muscle memory. Instead of having a slice n’ dice attack speed buff up, you have buffs from roll the bones up. It’s one button.

The only difference is that you have to keep refreshing roll the bones to get optimal buffs, whereas you’d just use slice n’ dice when it was about to fall off.

I’ve played with both. Literally, all you need to do instead of build combo points > use slice n’ dice > build combo points > use finishers is build combo points > roll bones over and over at 4-5 points until you have the right buffs > build combo points > use finishers.

They’re both the same basic ability/concept. It’s a finishing move you use to give yourself buffs.

And yes, roll the bones is much better DPS than slice n’ dice.

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He’s a fricking troll, just report him and move on.

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Is doing this going to get me an invites to N BoD or low M+?. Because I’m constantly top dps. Yet here I am 394.


You have grey parses in N BoD, and 1 green parse in M+, what top dps?

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In your rotation, you are indicating that you are using SnD and RtB. How do you do that? I thought it was one or the other. My rotation is …use repurposed fel focuser, grappling hook to mob, M4D for 5 cp, SnD, sinister strike to build to 5 cp, BtE, SS to 5 cp,dispatch, pistol shot when I get opportunity and gouge, AR then KS. Refresh SnD right before it drops off. I also interrupt all the time plus blade flurry with +2 mods and crimson veil when I get low on health. As you see, the rotation is quite extensive. How to fit in RtB also?


Your broken English and plain ignorance is disgusting. People like you OP need weeded out in this world, you pos troll. This is all you have to do for enjoyment? It’s sad


You’re right, one does replace the other. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. Basically, you use RtB exactly how you’d use SnD. Same spot in your rotation.

The difference is, you KEEP using RtB until you get good buffs. If you don’t get the crit buff, or two or more buffs, you keep reusing RtB at 4-5 combo points until you do, while also making sure to use BtE when it’s up. (i.e., if you have 4-5 combo points, and a crappy buff, and BtE is up, you would use BtE instead of rerolling that crappy buff, then work on rerolling again.)

Also, if you’re doing anything with multiple targets (for example, any dungeon) it’s better to be using dancing steel instead of killing spree or blade rush. Not only will you do more AoE damage, but this will take a move out of your rotation, as dancing steel is a passive talent.

Last, above poster, don’t make fun of someone’s language. If English isn’t his first, I’d bet good money he speaks it better than you speak your second language. Have you considered that the ignorance and language barrier might be related? Explaining how roll the bones works and how to use it properly is not something I’d readily comprehend if someone explained it to me in my non-primary language. I’d probably be asking a lot of questions too that would be perceived as “plainly ignorant.”

I see this guy’s threads, and everyone just calls him a troll. If asking stupid questions and complaining about not being able to complete mediocre content is “trolling” then you guys better report 95% of the forums.


Dude, this guy is trolling you so hard. He is reading your posts and just laughing his butt off, trying to play as dumb as possible while not getting you to give up.

He does this in a bunch of forums and he’s been doing it since well before the switch to these forums.


That’s fine. I’ve never seen him being negative, or insulting anyone, which is typical for trolls. I’m happy to answer questions.

Even if he’s getting a kick out of this, the answers will be memorialized on the forums for any future persons seeking answers to the same questions.

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Thank you. What is the one crit buff? I haven’t understood what crit is? I thought agility and haste was what I looked for in gear. But what is crit? Outlaw guides mention it and I been looking for it, i just figured I haven’t progress enough to look for it in gear.


The crit buff from roll the bones is called Ruthless Precision. It looks like a shark’s fin.

Crit is critical strike. It increases your chance to score critical hits.
It’s one of your secondary stats. Like haste, mastery, and versatility. I’m sure it’s on some of your gear. Your neck, at the very least.

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I’ve never seen him being negative

Uh, every single one of his posts are negative? I mean, look at the title of this one “Wow! Really blizz? Can’t even do a +3”. Quite literally every one of his posts are complaints about how things aren’t handed to him.


Jesus christ dude you just defined critical strike for a guy that claims to have played since MOP. Where do you draw the line, describing how the login screen works?


I won’t lie. I let out an audible “Come ON man, really?” When I read the question. But I’m in too deep here, so I went with it.


Lol you gotta see this one through to whatever end I get it

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Respectfully no. I just requested clarification. I just was wondering if crit was yet another keystroke I’d have to fit in. My keypad is full, where I am going to fit more spells. I’m just trying to do N BoD and 1-5 M+, trying to get my oi score.

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He may be out of happy grass. He might be looking for knowledge.

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No, no drugs or alcohol. I’m simply trying to progress. This is the level of frustration one has when they put so much time and effort daily in one toon, one spec, yet still 3/9 N BoD.






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You really broke that down, man.