Wow! Really blizz? Can't even do a +3


In your spellbook & abilities tab. Possibly even on your action bar.

(Autoattakk) #25

I’m literally in SW and have alacritcy selected. Look over all spells, talents and action bar. I still dont see RtBs. Suggestions?


It should be in there. The abilities are alphabetized, so it’s between riposte and sap for me, and unless you have some racial I’m not aware of, it should be there for you as well.

I saw someone on the other thread you mentioned this issue mention that they had a similar issue with their mage, where an ability just literally was not showing up in their book. If that’s the case, I’d submit a ticket and find out if you’re bugged.

(Autoattakk) #27

This is frustrating. I’m looking at the spellbook now. I see riposte and sap. Nothing between the two. Blizz dont care. Last six tickets I’ve spent, they just reply with “this matter doesn’t pertain to game play, therefore we can’t help you”. BS reply.

(Katryona) #28

…you still have slice and dice selected. You know we can see talent choices on your profile right? Quit trolling.


Im curious how you got to 120 with that kind of attitude. Or did you boost to 110 because the leveling was too hard?

(Autoattakk) #30

Idk care what you see about whatever. Fact is roll the bones is not in the spellbook.

(Katryona) #31

Because, you moron, you still have the talent that disables that spell selected.

Someone just told you that selecting slice and dice replaces roll the bones, yet you are here, with slice and dice talented, and complaining about not seeing roll the bones.

(Zérgling) #32

Yea dude if you are talented into slice and dice Rtb will not be in your spell book. That talent replaces RtB

(Zérgling) #33

I been playing this game for so long and I never realized they were alphabetically lol


I made this rogue on release day and I didn’t know that either until I went looking for RtB to tell this guy where it was.

(Kabbie) #35

Your inability to make friends is not a gameplay issue.

(Autoattakk) #38

No, I’ve always been friendly, cordial and helpful since MoP yet never any help. So effort doesn’t seem to matter.

(Katryona) #39

Trolling isn’t helpful. Complaining when you failed to listen when others try to help you isn’t helpful. Being a moron in general isn’t helpful.

(Autoattakk) #40

This trolling label that I’ve acquired is confusing and I really don’t understand it. I’m just looking for a fair shake.

(Katryona) #41

Let’s see, you complain about a spell not being there repeatedly. Someone told you that the spell you are complaining about is disable when you chose a certain talent. You continue to spec into that talent and complain about that spell not being there.

Shut up troll.

(Autoattakk) #42

Not true. I just found out that blizzard doesn’t list all spells that available to your class, regardless of spec. This should not be so. I looked for weeks trying to find RTB. Which I’ve implemented. But still hasn’t got me an invite to N BoD or low M+ keys. Sad I can put so much time dedicated to WoW and not even be a 390. Really blizz?

(Katryona) #43

I can see your armory, you still have slice and dice specced. Shut up.

(Autoattakk) #44

No, I changed my talents. You’re just seeing a snapshot. I finally found RTB. But it completely messed up my keybinds and keyboard muscle memory. I was getting like 5k dps during a fight. Idk why ppl advocate RtB, when it’s actually less dps. Been a combat/outlaw since MoP. I know what I’m talking about.


Apparently you don’t know what you are talking about. I can just sit there and just auto attack the boss and I can probably do 5k dps. As outlaw, you could probably only use sinister strike, nothing else and do more than 5k