Wow! Really blizz? Can't even do a +3

(Autoattakk) #1

For 3 evenings in a row, total of 18 hours listing king’s rest. And no one wants to join. Blizz continues to not reward effort. I don’t understand how nightly effort, month after month, ends up where you get the same gear as players who just do LFR one night a week. So much effort. Why isn’t effort rewarded?

Thanks blizzard 2/4 last weekly event
(Bloodrusher) #2

King’s Rest in low keys is the most painful experience… First boss ppl die to gold spit and place them in places where kiting boss is nearly impossible. Then we get to bridge and you are forced to los cause healer can’t keep up cause there is no interupts or cc even when you ask for it about 10 times from a priest and ppl just pull anyway and we wipe. Then get too 3rd and ppl can’t even not stand in whirling axe, I even constantly see ppl running the charge out and get 1 shot. King’s Rest is just gonna take twice as long as any other dungeon and often results ppl leaving before 3rd boss constantly. I generally avoid that place, i hate the effort.

(Jambo) #6

You whine a lot


Ur raider io score is 65, you’re ilvl 388, your score last season was 121, and you haven’t even cleared normal dazar’alor. From an outside perspective, running a key with you at any level is almost assured to be a tedious grind with little pay off.

If you were really putting in so much effort you’d collect all the free 400 gear falling from the sky in this patch and at the very least be ilvl 400. Rn your whole character profile from the view of someone looking to do a m+ dungeon reads “avoid at all costs.”

(Autoattakk) #8

What? I don’t understand? Can you explain what you mean? I haven’t completed N daza because I couldn’t get a invite.


I honestly can’t tell if people that say the things you say are trolling or actually serious.
As previously said, getting gear has never been easier. 400 gear is literally falling out of the sky.
And if you are stuggling on getting into a normal raid you aren’t trying very hard…

(Mercader) #10

Hes saying your ilvl is low and could be improved. There are many ways to get ilvl to 400+. I suggest joining a friendly guild and running the Dazaralor raid. its generally pretty easy to get into a guild these days.


Agreed. Don’t forget to do the world bosses and warfronts. The Darkshore ones drop 400 gear.


People like OP make me feel terrible for blizzard. Imagine having to deal with pathetic whiny babies like that all day. Imagine blaming blizzard for no one wanting to join your group.

(Zérgling) #13

How is this blizzards problem?


you have no ring enchants, you have a gem socket with no gem, you have a green gem (dude i’m on stormrage the +40 gems are under 10 gold).

looking at your 3 normal kills in WCL, your dps is awful. under 10k. 6k on jadefire masters.

You haven’t even completed LFR. Youve only completed two mythic+ in season 2.

Of course this is all Blizz’s fault right


why would you put this curse on a friendly guild.

(Autoattakk) #16

Whatever you’re reading about my stats are simply incorrect. I used to buy all the best enchants and gems for my gear, spending hundreds of thousands of gold until recently when it became evident that it didn’t matter because of the lack of invites or my groups made wasn’t being formed. I don’t run a lot of LFR because there’s no point, no gear in there. What is WCL and jadefire masters? Never heard of them. We’re talking about wow here.


WCL is Warcraft logs. It’s a website that tracks your performance. Jadefire Masters is Alliance’s second boss in BoD. That thing you’ve killed 8 times already.

EDIT: Also, crit gems are dirt cheap. Like, 40g. There’s zero excuse not to slot your items. Also, you’re running 3 Paradise Lost traits on your azerite gear. That’s one of our worst traits. You have 0 deadshot, which is arguably our best.


Nevermind about paradise lost. If you’re using SnD, it’s a much better trait. But, still way worse than not using either. These dudes are hating on your DPS. If you want to do more damage, you shouldn’t be using slice n’ dice. It’s simply not as much damage as roll the bones, though I agree it’s much preferable to play with, and not at all random. But, it’s not enough DPS to be viable.

(Autoattakk) #18

How to get RtBs? I played RtBs during the last expansion but it give it up at Legion why blizz nerf it. I don’t see RtB in talents or the spell book?


Slice and dice replaces it when you talent into it. Just change the talent.

(Autoattakk) #20

I have SnD already. But it was suggested I get RtB like I had in the previous expansion. This is like chemistry. Do roll the bones, but RtB isn’t there.


Stop feeding this guy


On your level 90 talent selection, where you’ve chosen slice n’ dice, you want to be choosing alacrity instead. Choosing slice n’ dice replaces your roll the bones. Alacrity is the only viable option on this tier. It’s going to boost your haste (which is super important) every time you use a finishing move (dispatch, between the eyes, or roll the bones).

(Autoattakk) #23

Okay, ive gotten rid on SnD, selected alacritcy. Where is RtB?