WoW on Controller

I would like to point out for the whole world’s benefit that i’m playing on a controller.

I mapped all 12 skill slots and the mouse pointer precision is good. Problem is to remember all the binds.

Secret reason i’m posting this is i think Blizzard hates me because of this controller. It’s a steam controller bind i set for desktop. It’s in settings/controlelr.

Check it out if you have steam:

It’s not automated. Every button is manually pressed for a keyboard/mouse input.

There’s a couple, plain press, hold press, chord press.

The left stick plainly binds WASD with an overlap. Right stick is mouse drag + Rclick. Looks around. Bit standard for RPG these days.

The right stick bind is pretty nice, it doesn’t have a dead buffer until it hits the outer ring. Precision with left trigger and left stick for pointer move is pretty good. It has a deadzone and a deadzone compenastion.

I mean it’s 2021…

i don’t think so

never said it was at anytime as far as i can remember. i know they said no they would not make wow for any console platforms. i myself have used this steam controller support (with a ps3 controller at the time) for pvp a few times in retail since it has little less skills to bind

Policy Update for Input Broadcasting - May 2021 - WoW Classic / WoW Classic General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

All i could find is this. I was looking for the actual TOS, i didn’t see them stickied anywhere.

From what i read, automating gameplay is bad.
Copying an input to multiple WoW client is bad.
That is bad with hardware or whatever you could think about.
No multiboxing.

This is an excentric HID for a single WoW client. I mean your mouse is an HID for a single WoW client…

It could be like an accessibility feature?

EDIT: i have been looking for a code of conduct about wow ingame. I can’t find it. It’s not in the forums, it’s not on blizzard wide site, it’s not on wow’s launcher, in game or anywhere that i can find.

A blue response would be helpful. Our son only has use of one hand. Using a controller would be a game changer for him.

I’ve been looking into the steam bindings for a way to abuse it and automate keypress. The best i could find is a turbo mode, which doesn’t really do anything because of global cooldown? Other than that there seems to be a cycle function like the one in WoW macros. Cycles through activators.

If there is anything else it’s hidden deeper than i can dig.

I made a ticket for a verdict from Blizzard. Hopefully they’ll actually look into this instead of giving me a copy/paste answer.

EDIT: I’m actually going to put a suggestion up. There’s no way custommer support digs into this.

EDIT: Sent an ingame suggestion. Something they could look into is simply get together an “Official Steam Keybinds” for wow. Which is kinna wierd because you would have to launch WoW through Steam. This is a bit of a mess, i’ve done it. It asks for a pwd everytime and the authenticator needs a manual key everytime too.

But it can be done. Personnaly, I use the binds for desktop. I can type 1234 in Cortana with my controller.

well really a controller is nothing more that a mouse and keyboard. its not a advantage in any way. i had a friend that lost his arms and had a device that he played wow with just his voice. so i see no difference
but yeah better wait on a blue response to be certain.

Just wanted to also voice my support here! I recently reached out to Blizz support too and they said to suggest something on the forums. For me personally, I enjoy playing games with a controller now to help cut down on wrist pain.

This is actually really cool. I thought about setting up a GameCube controller with WoW classic. Id use it when im just vibing on my Kodo, fishing or casually fighting on my rogue.


Updated a bunch of things. Buttons are scaled in a circle, it’s more intuitive. Alt 1 should be mark as skull. The other one is for the bottom right, rightmost. I’d stick my mount there.

There is nothing against TOS for using a controller. There never has been.

all 12 skill slots you say?

i can do 60 on mine.

Uh, steam is a bit buggy but i should be able to bind:
-regular press
-double press
-long press
-start press
-release press
-chorded press

I would be able to bind the dpad and the buttons with those.

Then there’s the triggers and the bumpers.

I think that’s everything for the Steam overview.