WoW Loot for Prime Gaming Members: Get the Hood of Hungering Darkness

WoW Loot for Prime Gaming Members: Get the Hood of Hungering Darkness

We’re teaming up with Amazon Prime Gaming for a special offer! For a limited time, Prime Gaming subscribers can get up to three transmog helms returning straight from the Blizzard Archive.

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Aren’t these those old store helms from MoP that never worked correctly?


Are we going to be served these kinds of ads for third party vendors on a regular basis now? Offering in-game items for signing up to outside companies services?

Maybe I can get a Zulian Tiger if I sign up for an Esso/Exxon card?


This is bad for those who don’t have prime gaming available in their country, like me.



edit: my original problem was solved
How long do these usually rake to show up ingame?

Yes, yes they are.

Mounts and pets would have been better in my opinion.


You should be able to go back and link the accounts like it outlines in the article.
The email for the account shouldn’t impact things once you link them all.

Unless its not instant. I even restarted Bnet & still nada ingame.

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Because leaking information to Amazon is such a good idea :roll_eyes:

How about no.


would this link your battle net account log in credentials to amazon?

hows this gonna work for those that have prime and or already have the 3 helmets?


It links Prime to Twitch, and Twitch is linked to your Bnet.
But it doesn’t give either of them your login information. They use that 3rd party tool like Wowhead that just makes it easier to link everything. The login still goes directly to Bnet for your WoW account info.


You’ll be just giving Amazon free information! And probably agreeing to other PII transfer.

I’m not a huge fan of this. I’m sure this will end after Microsoft purchase is complete.


Wow, super cool.

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Anyone who takes the offer would already have Amazon Prime so that’s kind of redundant.


Not exactly, this is more free information about what you do and what games you play. Information transfer that would likely be illegal otherwise.


It seems this company is all about the money these days, so yeah we probably will. The worst part is the fact that they can’t even offer unique items, they are offering old broken items that disappeared from the appearance journals of many people.

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Awesome! This should put all the anxiety stricken and unhappy players complaining that Activision Blizzard Entertainment of Microsoft feeds off of FOMO! All you have to do is apply patience and old items you thought you missed out on will return :heart_eyes:

No other company returns previously unobtainable items like Blizzard does and this only cements World of Warcraft legacy as the greatest game to exist in our lives and future generations

Thank you so much as I’ve wanted that fire helmet for one of my RP themes and I hope everyone feels the joy I feel knowing blizzard doesn’t cater to fomo and I hope you all and I have a great rest of our day :dizzy::rabbit:

Blizzard totally unfair for those who bought them back in the day. Give recolored versions not the originals.