WOW KROMCRUSH Barrens LAG After restart - Please fix

Has this been posted on tech support? Has a ticket been submitted as well? The proper people may not see it on this forum.

i have submitted a bugg report

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6 seconds of lag right now. Unplayable in the barrens and durotar

It’s taking about 30 seconds to accept or turn in a quest at NPCs. BARELY playable.

Search for Barrens Lag on classic forums and it only looks like Kromcrush is the only server lagging atm. It’s really not playable.

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This has been getting worse over the past 3 hours. Truly unplayable with some classes…

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hello, yes, the barrens is still laggy, thanks

At least you can log in and play. The wait time is over an hour.

pls fix thnx

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for the love of all that is holy plz fix this

Ongoing issue. Still a problem. It’s been about 10 hours of this.

ONLY affecting The Barrens on Server Kromcrush. Other zones and instances are lag free, and perfectly playable. The Barrens is almost unplayable. Almost impossible to cast spells, pick up/turn in quests… etc.

The only saving grace is that mobs mostly aren’t attacking. They will run up and stand there… so even if it takes forever to melee attack them down or occasionally manage to cast a spell, they are (generally) not killing us.

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This needs to change I’m about ready to run of of quests and need to head into the barrens.

Hey y’all,

Thanks for the reports. We are aware and getting this investigated.


thank you!

Hi Can you help me out with a transfer off stalagg. Its been unplayable since launce.

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Since you are here, has the realm capacity been implemented or not? It doesn’t say whether or not its implemented, just that its on the way.

Same issue, game has been unplayable since the reset, since I’m currently questing in the barrens. Big disappointment on the day I took off.

Allow transfers for the love of god

Still very laggy just fyi

on kirtonos the lag is 3-5 times higher than it was launch night with 100s of people in the starting zone and the population is listed as low… this is a fail on yalls part and we need updates