Wow, joined yet another guild

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For two weeks, I’ve offered help. I’m being social and helpful to anyone. Yet my progression continues to suffer. Why should I help others every night for weeks yet I can even get my KS filled to get a weekly chest. So far in BfA, I’ve gotten 3 weekly chest. I play every evening, offering help to others, why I’m I going without rewards yet they get gear for their alts. Alts? I’m on my main.

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Lmao :joy: :laughing: :joy:

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Seriously, mate, your threads are cringeworthy.
Perhaps you should stop joining random guilds and start making friends.

(Autoattakk) #4

What do ppl mean by “make friends”? Does making friends mean helping others with their alts that have a higher ilvl than me and I’m on my one toon? Is making friends telling a guild that I will help them? I’d say that’s definitely making friends.

(Katryona) #5

Just flag as troll and move on.

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A rule of life that applies to a rule of WOW: if you are not honest and upfront about what you want, do not be surprised when people who think you want something else can’t give what you really want to you.

If you want M+ progression, then tell guilds you are interested in M+ progression and seek out M+ oriented Discord channels (of which there are many); if you want friends, tell guilds you are interested in social interaction and seek out social Discord channels (of which there are many more). Will it take you longer to find and get in the good graces of a progression-oriented guild rather than expect progression out of a social guild? Maybe so, but at least everyone will be on the same page about what they want.

If the guild you are in is more than capable of higher keys, then by all means, push a little, but don’t try to force situations that are unlikely to happen.


in the combined time it took you to make all of your troll threads you could have played a tank/healing spec instead and be ilvl 400+ now through M+/raiding

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Dude every post you make is straight trolling, just stop


Why not just PUG lower mythical? I’ve successfully pugged up to +6 as a returning player, past 6 is tough tho.

(Autoattakk) #19

What? Get in good graces with ppl who will maybe try and help me? I spend every day trying to improve. Total commitment. Every day I read wowhead and icy veins about the class and spec. I’m not asking anyone for anything. I do my due diligence, as I did in Legion but failed to get H ABT AotC and mount. I’m trying to progress through merit. Who are they to prevent me from progressing when I put in so much time and effort.


two weeks of ‘dedication’ ? Some guys have been dedicated for 1-2 years or more, with the same Guild. Yet you expect to get carried by the raid guild and get shiny new toys, ahead of a line of guys who have been paying their dues for much longer?

The suggestion above is golden. Tell them what your goal is. Be confident but not some overbearing nerd about it. Above all, be humble. Tell them you’re gonna do something like tag along for some raids and then do it. After the raids, ask for advice from the guild on where you went wrong.

Read the adventure guide and watch YouTube videos on how to avoid boss mechanics that wipe the raid/kill people who don’t know how to mitigate damage at the rirgt time. commit to changing what they tell you to fix in their feedback. Be humble about that feedback. Even if they are jerks about it, acknowledge the fact that they are where they are for a reason, and to them, helping you get Better is like a parent trying to teach their kid how to wipe its butt properly.

Then come back in 5 months of consistently doing those things and see if your situation is the same.

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Stop feeding this bloody idiot troll.

(Autoattakk) #24

I dgaf about no toy. There is no way in hell I’m going to be a acolyte and sycophantic to anyone that hasn’t put in the same time and effort that I have to achieve N raid content with AotC achievement after. Effort should matter. Daily dedication should matter.