WoW is randomly freezing and eventually crashing

Hi guys,

For last two days my wow game has been randomly freezing and eventually crashing. It happens once per session and i have looked into all addons and WAs but couldn’t find anything. Please help.

Add a DxDiag for troubleshooting.

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Its not letting me post pastbin link nor letting me copypaste the DxDiag because of character limit. What do i do?

To post the pastebin link, click the ~ 4 times then his enter and paste the link.

It will look like this.
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I have tried that bro, following the instruction above but it still not letting me post due to char limit. Giving this error message “Body is limited to 99000 characters; you entered 105366.”

Upload the info to pastebin, then post the link like I stated, not the info.


sorry i am being an idiont, didn’t read properly. Heres the link

There are notices that the game is hanging. It could be due to another app not in the log or it could be overheating.

Have you checked the temps?

No i haven’t. Let me check this and if it hangs again, i will share the HWMonitor screenshot. Thanks!

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