WoW is dead, but it's a GOOD thing


WoW lives on in the people that still enjoy playing. Dead ! come-on that is your own wishful thinking getting in your way~

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It is overly pedantic, particularly when you’re somehow trying to call me out on revenue estimates based on number of active subscriptions. Just because some subscriptions are subsidized by other players doesn’t change the fact that each subscription is paid for with real money. If anything, pointing that out just makes the revenue estimate go up to a degree since subscriptions paid for by tokens cost someone else $20 rather than the player buying a month for $15.

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Play good games? lol


Spoken like a true revolutionary fighting for gamer utopia. Unfortunately, it’s not true. WoW has dominated the free market because it was the most popular game in its niche. 14 years is an eternity in gamer land.

Now the market and gamer’s tastes are changing and WoW is trying to adjust. It may or may not but to argue “burn it all down so that the glorious game (TBA) can rise from its ashes like a phoenix and fulfill all my desires” is a lazy argument.


do you have any in mind?

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Wow, I can’t believe you got this many bites on a sunday. Come on guys, you knew what day it was.

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One person is buying in game gold, and another is purchasing game time. One is a digital sale, and one is a sale for nothing (Blizzard controls the in game currency). Forecasting digital sales isn’t the same as forecasting subscriptions. I don’t know what algorithms they use there, but they aren’t the same.

I’m not trying to call you out, don’t be so sensitive.

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While its not the same, I am sure they can forecast a general idea. Its practically the same as a person using the 1 month sub plan, but Blizzard gets even more money out of it.

The forecasting used may not be the exact same, but it doesn’t mean they can’t predict how many people will be using tokens, and it doesn’t mean it still doesn’t count as an active subscription.

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Sure, that’s fine. I’m not sure how this became such a big deal. WoW is a huge income earner for ATVI. There is no other game in their portfolio that has the residual income that this game does.

All I was trying to do was not to take generalizations of the numbers and use them to make other statements.

This is like layered RNG. It’s okay to have one variable but when you have another you are no longer able to control the outcomes.

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No, that’s not how it works. One person is buying game time directly for $15, and another person is buying a token directly for $20. In the case of the token, it is then sold for gold on the AH, the value of which is determined by Blizzard. Either way, both involve a direct payment of real money to Blizzard. The only difference is that the token takes an extra in game step after it is purchased for $20 to give the initial buyer of the token some in game item for their money (i.e. gold).

Then don’t say things like this:

Since you are obviously saying I’m 100% wrong with my original statements.

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You’re incorrigible.

Blizzard has said that these are two different and distinct transactions and you are counting them as one because it makes it easier for you. You’re wrong. They aren’t the same, they aren’t connected.

You keep on saying whatever you want. You can be wrong on your own time. I’m not spending my time on you any longer.


Play something else like I have been

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honestly I believe there are a few franchises that are deserving of not letting be killed off due to poor management or development.

warcraft is one of them.

We didn’t save mass effect

we didn’t save star wars

halo is on the brink

how many more will we let be taken?


Play QuakeIII again…

Long live the greatest game ever!!

Beauty of q3 was anyone could run a server (not bot free sadly)

Actually was moving boxes in basment and found my lan server i would take to matches… ahh the fun days


In no way does the real world work like that.

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I tried casting rez, but it says there’s one pending.

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Way back in the day…when Quake 3 Arena first came out. That took up so many hours of my life.


Actually there is no real win just objectives to complete. However, if 2 people decide to have a level to cap race the guy that buys gold and then buys looms will win. 2 people decide to play who can get the most pets the guy who buys the gold then hits the AH will win. I can keep going on. Two guys decide to twink 39th level toons an bg, one guy gets on trade and begs for runs to get gear and the other guy buys gold and then hits the AH. 2 guys decide to raid, one guy does hits the LFR and the other guy buys gold and then hits the AH. Sorry but the game is P2W…sorry this fact hits a sore spot…it shouldn’t though but for whatever reason people get mad at this fact.


Yeah you clearly have no idea what the term p2Win means so I’m not going to argue with u. Pay to progress ? Sure but p2w? Don’t get the 2 mixed up. Have fun with your life bye


Yup…sore spot.