WoW is a video game, not your source of self worth

For some people this is yea a video game but atm people like me that cant leave their homes due to covid its a hobby and more. I treat my toons like a version of myself. Its all I can do at the moment.

This is an example of casualism. Its like elitism for casuals that drives hurting how a player enjoys the game because they hate that others like to be optimal.

Just know that it doesnt matter what you think. If you are underperforming compared to your peers you will be kicked. Get used to it. Thats not changing.

Everybody needs something to be proud of. If you find that a group is not treating you well, leave! There are many other great things to do.

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Ralph, what do you do outside of WoW man?

Do you play other games?


No idea. But if he posts a link to his twitter, trust me you do not want to see it. It’s incredibly cursed content.

It honestly feels like he just plays the forum game. Can’t blame him there, retail feels like a hamster wheel.


There we have it

And this is a forum, you shouldn’t tie your self worth on how many “likes”’ you get on it either. But here you are.

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Well, now I want to see his Twitter. :thinking:

I can spoil it for you if you wish to save your eyes.

Ofc he’s active on Twitter.

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My eyes must see the glory on their own.

I wish you luck. I don’t remember where he linked it, and I don’t really want to post it because that means I have to look at it again.

Guess that means I have to go hunting!

It may sound bad but I love those people that rage over silly things… it’s hilarious. Makes raiding like 2X as fun. Maybe I really am a descendant of Trolls.

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i don’t think one can get any self-worth from this game that hates everyone and slaps you in the face everyweek.

getting your self worth from a game that’s stingy af is not a good idea.

just chill and enjoy the few enjoyable things.

I’ve found the super casual player who wants to be on a raid team and doesn’t care that they are holding back the rest of the team to be the most toxic.

Well said i always treat it as a game and never self worth ftw feels good man!

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op, you do have some valid points but might want to be considerate toward a less toxic approach.

You’re correct in that people that do place importance on video game achievements are unhealthy and desperately missing something in life, but not being considerate that they’re missing something in life and could likely use any self-esteem boost they can get.

You pointed out that this was a sad truth, but aren’t acting sympathetic toward that and are instead being condemning.

Personally, I just let people like that be. I don’t know them, what their real life is like, and am not in any position to help them find alternate fulfillment. Their video game ego doesn’t affect my video game enjoyment very often so it isn’t really a big deal.

If you’re in a guild with players like that just find a new one, there’s lots of guilds of all types out there!

yes, I really do wish the ignore button worked account wide for threads like these.

I will have 2 characters. One for m+ one for raid. And for aoe heavy raid bosses I’ll use my m+
Character during prog.

I will be good at w/e content I want to be good at. You can’t stop me.