WoW Increased RAM usage after patch


is there a way to reduce the game’s memory usage? Before this patch my game used to peak at around KB which was enough to… well, just enough to not deplete my 4GBs of RAM while having at most the game itself and Bnet launcher opened.
Now after patch the usage goes upwards to 2.2KB, which is enough to almost completely deplete my ram even with only WoW opened, which causes severe small freezes and the usual issues that depleting a RAM does.

I don’t know if this increase was causes by the patch itself or by changing something in my config, since the patch resetted my settings to default and I know I did many changes in CVar through an addon.

Any help is appreciated

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Hi Lumbria

I would set the App to close when you launch a game. Then go to the Task Manager - open the Startup tab. Most things you see there can be disabled. Experiment by disabling one running program at a time.


I appreciate your advice, I’ll see if there still is anything else I can disable.

The problem is the underlying issue will continue even if I can scrap a few hundred Ks here or there, WoW now consumes much more memory than it did before patch for me. Is there any way I can reduce it back to what it used to on monday or before? Any setting that specially impacts memory usage that maybe was resetted to a default setting on patch day?

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Hi again Lumbria

One thing I noticed with the reset was that “Triple Buffering” is set as enabled. I had mine set to disabled and this caught my eye. I did some experimenting. That setting jumped my total Ram usage by a good amount - around 500mb. Try disabling there.

The real answer here is either another stick of Ram to match what you have or ideally a matching kit (2 sticks). We can take a look into that if you like. Run the CPU-Z tool. Will provide all the information we need.
Download the free version of the CPU-Z tool here:

(Download Button on left side of page - “Setup - English”)

Run it on desktop. Along the bottom beside Tools button is a dropdown arrow. Click that then select “Save Report as .TXT” - paste the report.


I’m experiencing a similar issue, since the update my WoW RAM Usage shot up to 2.950 MB, my pc runs on 8gb, and it feels like WoW is eating all it can.
That’s causing stuttering lags every few seconds and freezes on pulls with more players around until it can stabilize.

On character selection screen it’s using 2.800 MB rofl

things I already tried: clearing cache and WTF folder, disabling all addons, DX11 and 12, setting every video setting to mininum and disabling triple buffering as well as Character Interactions.

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Hi Haulsen

I show 2.6GB standing on the boat in Boralus. You aren’t far off that. We should take a look at a DXDiag report.

The second section of page has DXDiag report instructions - *we don’t require the MSinfo report.

That will be a wall of text. If you have issues pasting on the Forum here go ahead and put it up on Provide the link code portion of the URL - example below.

(The green bold portion of the link:

You mention clearing the Cache and WTF folders. Was that a full UI reset?


I have 16GB of ram, and even with that I’m getting alerts saying my memory is running low and suggests closing WoW and looking at my task manager, I’ll only be utilizing around 10.5GB with WoW, Discord, Spotify, and numerous Chrome tabs. Something definitely changed with this new patch.

My WoW client says it’s using 3.5GB of memory.


I am also having this problem. My wow gets into 11k gigs used.


I’m glad I checked this thread. I thought I was the only one having this issue. 8gb’s and still not enough. Before the patch i would run WoW with firefox in the background playing youtube video’s. Now I can’t even run it with the Bnet launcher in the background. I’ve gone as far as disabling my anti virus while WoW’s running and still 100%


I am also getting very high RAM usage and its killing my game. 3+ GB of ram usage where as before i was around 1.5-1.7GB before 8.1.5.

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The patch reset some graphic settings. Triple buffering was enabled as default. Try disabling that. It has helped on some posts. My experimentation seems to indicate it is a bit of a Ram hog.

Menu > System > Advanced. Top of pane is “Triple buffering”. Disable


Am also having this issue. Loading into a resource heavy zone like capital cities causes my memory usage to spike and I am forced to exit WoW and restart to even play the game.

Would really love to see some official response to this so that we know the team is aware of this.


I seem to have fixed my issues altogether by switching to DX11. Ram usuage leveled off to 3.3gigs and gpu usage shot up to 47% from 0-4%.

My guess is somewhere things got messed up when they enabled dx12 on windows 7 with the patch.


What seemed to do the trick was changing the directx to the dx11 legacy, as many others have already reported. game is now playable, was able to raid for 2 hours straight with no bottlenecks.

Thanks for your help :smiley: