WoW Hotfixes - Updated October 25

Neato feeto! Ty for the quick resolution!


fix servers pls.


Is there an account wide weekly cap on Scourgestones? Was running Naxx on my different professions toons for the Light Hope Chapel recipes and now am not getting any Corruptor’s Scouragestones. Went back to Scholo and Invader’s aren’t dropping either.

Don’t mind me. Anyone else has this issue, you may have accidentally hit the “I would like to stop locating scouragestones, for now.” dialog when talking to Zackett Skullsmash. Go back, talk to him again, and he will have a “I would like to be able to locate scouragestones again, please.” option.

JULY 18, 2023


  • Druid
    • Balance
      • Fixed a bug that could cause Shooting Stars to hit enemies not affected by Moonfire or Sunfire.
  • Evoker
    • Augmentation
      • Spatial Paradox now increases the range of melee spells for Paladins, Monks, and Druids. It now also increases the radius of Ancient Teachings and Stampeding Roar while it is active.
      • A single player may now only benefit from a maximum of 4 each of the Ebon Might, Prescience, and Shifting Sands effects.
      • Breath of Eons can no longer proc the Fate Mirror effect.
  • Mage [With weekly restarts]
    • Developers’ notes: Mage AoE damage is generally trending a little higher than we’re comfortable with after the most recent update. We’re planning to make a few targeted adjustments to Mage AoE spells to bring them down to a more reasonable level. In addition to the AoE adjustments, Fire will be seeing some additional tuning, as Fire single-target damage is also trending higher than intended.
    • Arcane
      • Arcane Barrage damage increased by 3%.
      • Resonance increases the damage per target hit by Arcane Barrage by 10% (was 12%).
      • Arcane Explosion damage reduced by 6%.
      • Arcane Orb damage reduced by 8%.
    • Fire
      • Damage of all abilities reduced by 5%.
      • Flamestrike damage reduced by 6% and now deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.
      • Flame Patch damage reduced by 6% and now deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.
      • Sun King’s Blessing causes your next Pyroblast or Flamestrike to deal 260% increased damage (was 275%).
    • Frost
      • Frozen Orb damage reduced by 5%.
      • Blizzard damage reduced by 4%.
      • Comet Storm damage reduced by 5%.
      • Subzero damage to rooted and frozen targets reduced to 5/10%.
  • Paladin [With weekly restarts]
    • Developers’ notes: Holy Paladin is overperforming in all content in Fractures of Time. We are targeting a global decrease of healing and damage as we are not looking to change preferred playstyles, but Tyr’s Deliverance will also be receiving additional adjustments as this talent in particular has been more effective than we would like.
    • Holy
      • All healing decreased by 8%.
      • All damage decreased by 12%.
      • Tyr’s Deliverance healing decreased by 15%.
  • Shaman
    • Fixed an issue where area-of-effect damaging spells and abilities were not properly converting damage to healing while under the effects of Ancestral Guidance.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
    • Rashok, the Elder [With weekly restarts]
      • Searing Slam base damage reduced by 6.5% in Mythic difficulty.
      • Overcharged damage reduced by 10% in Mythic difficulty.
      • Conduit Flare damage reduced by 12% in Mythic difficulty.
      • Fixed an issue where killing Conduit Guardians near Rashok can cause him to not gain energy.
  • Dawn of the Infinite
    • Iridikron
      • Fixed an issue where Iridikron would sometimes run out of melee range during Stonecracker Barrage.


  • Echoing Tyrstone’s functionality has been updated to split heal targets in its range and deal increased healing based on how many targets received it (was a heal to all nearby allies for a flat amount). The amount of healing that can be recorded is increased by 70%.
  • Echoing Tyrstone no longer targets pets.
    • Developers’ notes: We’ve made this change as we’ve seen this trinket performing strongly in raids to the point of competing with major class cooldowns, but its performance overall is varied based largely on how many people are with the healer. We’re hoping that this change to its functionality will help stabilize its performance in both dungeons and raids so that it doesn’t under, or over perform as much as it currently does.
  • Fixed a bug causing Quantum transmog items to reward Dracthyr cloth transmog instead of mail.

Player versus Player

  • Resolved an issue that could prevent the Farm base status icon status from updating correctly in Deepwind Gorge.
  • Hunter
    • Intimidation’s cooldown will no longer be consumed when attempting to stun a Subtlety Rogue during Shadowy Duel.
    • Aspect of the Turtle will now protect Hunters from a Monk’s Ring of Peace knockback.
  • Paladin [With weekly restarts]
    • Developers’ notes: Holy Paladins’ mana pools have been more plentiful than we would like in PvP. We’re targeting their base Mana regeneration to encourage player engagement with the variety of mana talents available.
    • Holy
      • Holy Paladins now regenerate 55% less Mana in PvP combat (was 25%).
      • Fixed a bug that caused Greater Judgment to not be affected by Dampening.


  • Engineering
    • Nixx Sprocketspring is now less persistent about training Goblin Engineering schematics when trying to progress the quest “Short Circuit”.


  • Fixed an issue where weapons were not properly hiding while racing as a whelp during “Zhoomsa.”

Time Rifts

  • [With weekly restarts] Weekly Time Rifts quests will now award account-bound items that provide Paracausal Flakes and reputation with Soridormi (was directly awarded).
  • Time Rift weekly quests no longer grant a Drake’s Shadowflame Crest Fragment. Each player-character can now earn 10 Drake’s Shadowflame Crest Fragments by defeating their first Fractured Causality each week.
  • Weekly Time Rifts quests will now award account-bound items that provide Paracausal Flakes and reputation with Soridormi instead of awarding those directly.
  • Shi Everbreeze in Tyrhold Reservoir now sells a Paracausal Crate, allowing players to send Paracausal Flakes between characters.
  • Fixed a bug where Paracausal Fragment of Thunderfin, Humid Blade of the Tideseeker’s effect does not trigger on melee abilities.
    • Fixed a bug where Paracausal Fragment of Azzinoth’s effect would attack enemies you are not yet in combat with.
    • Fixed a bug where Paracausal Fragment of Frostmourne’s passive effect would break stealth.
    • Fixed a bug where Paracausal Fragment of Frostmourne would not activate the healer transformation on use when used by a healer.
    • Fixed a bug where Paracausal Fragment of Sulfuras’ AOE damage effect would not trigger from ranged abilities.
    • Soridormi should now display her friendship faction on her gossip pane.
    • Resolved an issue where the map marker for Time Rifts would occasionally display the incorrect invading groups during the 5 minutes prior to the event beginning.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Titan Rune Dungeons - Protocol Alpha and Beta
    • Azure Ring Captains will no longer proc mirror images.
    • Mage-Lord Urom will no longer have mirror images proc when Empowered Arcane Explosion is cast.

Garbage changes


Perfect change for Augmentation, thank you.

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ok awesome, very happy to see the time rifts move more account bound… but I also hope blizzard considers just making all currency or every period short of gear account bound, even moving around gold between characters, there’s just no need for it in my opinion

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Please Blizzard, remove at least this sub zero nerf on frost mages in PVP


July 19th, 2023

That is no longer a bug as of the stealth patch sent over the wire on bnet today.

Here are today’s hotfixes:

JULY 19, 2023


  • The Draconically Superior and Draconically Epic achievements should now only be granted to players who earned them.


  • Evoker
    • Augmentation
      • Fixed an issue causing Time Skip’s animation to occasionally freeze.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed Prescience to be able to be cast on pets and guardians.
  • Mage
    • Arcane
      • Fixed an issue that caused Concentrated Power to make the echoed Arcane Explosion deal more damage than intended.
  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue causing Divine Toll to hit an incorrect number of targets.
    • Protection
      • Fixed an issue causing Shining Light to fail to be consumed by a Word of Glory cast when Divine Purpose was also active.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Dawn of the Infinite
    • Resolved an issue that caused Chrono-Lord Deios and Chromie to not speak their voice over lines when Deios cast Infinite Corruption.
    • Resolved an audio issue that caused Chrono-Lord Deios to not use positional-audio for his voice over lines.
    • Resolved an issue that caused Chrono-Lord Deios to interrupt his phase 2 start and phase 2 end lines with ability cast lines.
    • Resolved an audio issue that caused Iridikron’s relic to make sounds during the Chrono-Lord Deios encounter.


  • Little Scales Daycare
    • Fixed an issue where certain quests were repeatable, rather than daily, as intended.
  • Secrets of Naxxramas
    • Developers’ note: We’ve seen feedback that the rewards from Dented Raider tokens are often underwhelming, and agree that there is room for improvement. We hope that these changes help mitigate some of the frustration experienced by heavily engaged players committed to acquiring their Tier 3 sets, but we’d like to emphasize that these items are still intended to be quite rare.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Rare items dropping from Dented Raider tokens.
    • The drop rates for Phylacterweave and Lamented Crusader items have been slightly increased.
  • Time Rifts
    • Fixed an issue where the “Book of Kel’Thuzad” could be seen wandering around Tyrhold Reservoir outside of the Time Rifts event
    • The Field Despair Magnet effect is now removed when leaving a Time Rift event.
    • When the stage “Into the Rift!” begins, players should no longer be carrying timey-whimey objects they picked up from alternate timeways.
    • Frozen Croc-Bait now correctly despawns when Time Rift portals open to alternate timelines.
    • To ease some performance issues in Time Rifts, the maximum target number of players in Thaldraszus has been lowered, particularly while the Time Rift event is active.
      • Developers’ note: We continue to keep a very close eye on this.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some belts to go missing when worn by Mechagnomes.
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It is completely hypocritical, you chose one path with TCG items (also on the BMAH where people spent at times millions of gold) and a entirely different path with T3.

Please consider doing one of the following:

  1. Change Phylacterweave to cost 200g
  2. Reduce the Phylacterweave by a factor of 10. So 7 for bracers instead of 70.
  3. Make Phylacterweave more readily available (maybe 3-5 pieces a boss) AND Bind on Account.

As the system stands right now it’s predatory. There needs to be a way to reliable farm the 1400 needed Phylacterweave rather than spending 2.8 million raw gold alone on it. Thats 25.2 million gold for all 9 sets.

The Naxx 40 items and Old Scholomance returning were soooooo close to being a Grand Slam everything else is amazing and the devs did an amazing job (and I hope they continue with UBRS, Sunken Temple, or Scarlet Monestary next) however the T3 part is like a single rotten apple in a basket of perfect apples. Players won’t remember this as an amazing feature if the T3 acquisition doesn’t change, rather players will hate it.

And please consider re-adding Corrupted Ashbringer and Atiesh into the game or if we have the items in Classic for us to have their appearances in Retail.


So nothing, not even a statement on the missing gear upgrade option on toons that are unlogged after 60 days?

Although I agree with most of this, it is never going to be 1400 gold for bracers. No way. Might as well be free then.

I think reducing the cost of Phylacterweave to 200g would be great, maybe on top of that have Phylacterweave be a very rare drop from bosses, but the quantity of the weave needed should stay the same. It defo needs to be BoA though.

Right now this system is still only reserved to people that already could’ve afforded it on the BMAH. It costs 2.8m gold to craft a full set by Phylacterweave alone. That is way too much, and basically made it unobtainable for those unwilling to boost/have alt armies and those who did not abuse gold farms like mission tables.

Reducing the cost to 200g would result in the set costing a minimum of 280k. That’s still very pricey for a vanilla set, but accessible enough for the majority of players. For comparison, that is around 520 Dragonriding World Quests to get that amount of gold. And this still doesn’t take in mind the other crafting materials, lamented items and crafter’s tip.

Please make Tier 3 accessible to everyone and NOT reserved to the rich in two different ways.


Oh the vaguity!
Was it too many targets or too few targets?


The SoO skip to Garrosh still makes me disconnect whenever I use it.

wait wait… so their free WoG proc from using spenders SHOULD be consumed when they cast using their OTHER free spender proc from using spenders?

I think the dev legitimately misread the bug report and made the wrong change, because this is so bad.

Hello! Here are the latest hotfixes:

JULY 20, 2023


  • Paladin
    • Protection
      • Fixed an issue with Tirion’s Devotion causing free Word of Glory casts to grant excessive cooldown reduction.


  • Fixed a bug that could prevent players from being able to change the customization state of their Renewed Proto Drake.


  • Iskaara Community Feast

    • Vendors Hanu and Tikukk should now display their vendor windows to players on associated tasks, even if the players have bought all renown items from them.
    • Patchu should no longer hide his gossip option to purchase feast items from players that are in the middle of certain pet training questlines.
  • Time Rifts

    • Resolved some visual errors with the Time Rifts skybox.


  • Secrets of Naxxramas
    • Scourgestone acquisition can no longer be toggled off. Players who are in this state will resume receiving Scourgestones.
      • Developers’ notes: This toggle was added to help alleviate inventory space by players who did not want to engage with the system. However, it was extremely easy to toggle this off without realizing it. We may reintroduce it at a later time.


  • Alchemy
    • Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage’s Overwhelming Rage damage will no longer pierce through immunities.


  • Fixed a bug that caused phasing issues in Dazar’alor.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Fixed an issue where certain spells were not removing the effects of Piercing Shots, Ignite, or Deep Wounds from a target.

Today’s update:

July 24, 2023

Classes [With weekly maintenance in each region]

  • Death Knight
    • Blood
      • All ability damage increased by 10%.
  • Druid
    • Guardian
      • Ursoc’s Fury absorb shield reduced to 50% of damage dealt by Thrash and Maul (was 60%).
  • Evoker
    • Augmentation
    • Developers’ notes: Augmentation is overperforming in dungeons and is doing less direct damage than intended relative to the power of their buffing effects. These adjustments will increase their personal damage in all situations and moderately reduce the effectiveness of their buffs in dungeon content.
      • Close as Clutchmates now causes Ebon Might and Breath of Eons to be 20% more effective when not in a raid (was 40%).
      • Fixed a bug where Close as Clutchmates would not increase the Evoker’s damage done via Ebon Might for periodic effects such as Fire Breath.
      • Ebon Might now increases the Evoker’s damage done by 20% (was 10%).
      • Eruption damage increased by 40%.
      • Fate Mirror’s chance to occur reduced to 15% (was 20%).
      • Aspects’ Favor amplifies Black Attunement to 7%/10% maximum health (was 10%/16%).
      • The Advanced Combat Log now more accurately attributes support events for Pet/Guardian/Summons damage, accumulator, delayed damage effects (e.g. Execution Sentence, Ignite), and damage against armored targets.
  • Hunter
    • Beast Mastery
      • Barbed Shot damage increased by 15%.
      • Cobra Shot damage increased by 15%.
      • Kill Shot damage increased by 15%.
    • Marksmanship
      • Trick Shot, Aimed Shot, and Rapid Fire ricochets now deal 65% of their normal damage (was 55%).
    • Survival
      • Mongoose Bite damage increased by 5%.
      • Raptor Strike damage increased by 5%.
      • Flanking Strike damage increased by 10%.
      • Kill Command damage increased by 10%.
  • Monk
    • Brewmaster
      • Damage of Spinning Crane Kick reduced by 20%.
      • Damage of Keg Smash reduced by 5%.
    • Windwalker
      • Rising Sun Kick damage increased by 10%.
      • Fists of Fury damage increased by 10%. Does not apply to PvP Combat.
      • Blackout Kick damage increased by 10%.
      • Tiger Palm damage increased by 15%.
  • Paladin
    • Protection
      • All ability damage increased by 8%
  • Priest
    • Discipline
      • Luminous Barrier absorption increased by 30%.
    • Shadow
      • Psychic Link now causes direct damage spells to inflict 15% of their damage on all targets afflicted by your Vampiric Touch within 40 yards (was 25%).
      • Void Spike damage to enemies within 10 yards of the target reduced by 30%.
      • Devouring Plague damage increased by 12%. Does not apply to PvP Combat.
      • Mind Blast damage increased by 12%. Does not apply to PvP Combat.
      • Void Bolt damage increased by 12%. Does not apply to PvP Combat.
      • Mind Flay damage increased by 12%. Does not apply to PvP Combat.
      • Mind Flay: Insanity damage increased by 12%. Does not apply to PvP Combat.
      • Mind Spike damage increased by 12%. Does not apply to PvP Combat.
      • Mind Spike: Insanity damage increased by 12%. Does not apply to PvP Combat.
      • Shadow Word: Death damage increased by 12%. Does not apply to PvP Combat.
      • Prayer of Mending now costs 10% of base mana (was 4%).
      • Power Word: Life now costs 10% of base mana (was 4%).
      • Renew now costs 8% of base mana (was 4%).
  • Shaman
    • Elemental and Enhancement
      • Fixed an issue where Primordial Wave would not cause Lightning Bolt or Lava Burst to cleave to targets affected by crowd control.
    • Enhancement
      • Healing Surge now costs 8% of base mana (was 10%).
    • Restoration
      • All healing increased by 5%.
      • The range of Restorative Mists heals from Ascendance is now 40 yards (was 20 yards). The initial burst healing from Ascendance remains at 20 yards.
  • Warrior
    • Protection
      • All ability damage increased by 7%.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Fixed an issue where players’ keystones could fail to upgrade by +3 when completing Neltharus with at least 40% left on the timer.
  • Algeth’ar Academy
    • Fixed an issue where Vexamus could sometimes turn unexpectedly while casting Arcane Expulsion.
  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
    • Scalecommander Sarkareth
      • Increased the sound effect of being near Mind Fragments while a player is in the Emptiness Between Stars.


  • Time Rifts
    • Resolved some visual issues in the sky during Time Rifts.

Player versus Player [With weekly maintenance in each region]

  • Fixed an issue allowing Turnip Punching Bag to be usable in battlegrounds.
  • Druid
    • Balance
      • New Moon, Half Moon, Full Moon no longer deal increased damage in PvP (was 20%).
      • Owlkin Adept (PvP Talent) now reduces cast time by 10% (was 15%).
      • High Winds (PvP Talent) now reduces the targets healing and damage by 15% for 3 seconds (was 30% for 6 seconds).
      • Umbral Embrace now increases damage of Wrath or Starfire by 15% in PvP (was 20%).
      • Eclipse (Solar) gained from Celestial Alignment and Incarnation: Chosen of Elune increases Nature damage dealt in PvP by 10% (was 15%).
      • Eclipse (Lunar) gained from Celestial Alignment and Incarnation: Chosen of Elune increases Arcane damage dealt in PvP by 10% (was 15%).
      • Balance of All Things grants 50% reduced Critical Strike chance in PvP.
  • Evoker
    • Augmentation
      • Ebon Might’s increase to the Evoker’s damage is no longer 40% more effective in PvP Combat.
      • Eruption damage is now increased by 25% in PvP Combat (was 50%).
      • Upheaval damage is now increased by 25% in PvP Combat (was 15%)
      • The damage bonus from Tectonic Locus is now reduced by 70% in PvP Combat.
      • All healing done is now reduced by 10% in PvP Combat.
      • Dream Projection healing is now reduced by 25% in PvP Combat.
      • The absorption effect from Molten Blood is now reduced by 30% in PvP Combat.
      • Born in Flame now lasts 3 seconds (was 6 seconds).
      • Burnout from Born in Flame is no longer dispellable.
      • Fate Mirror now triggers 67% more often in PvP combat.
    • Devastation
      • Fire Breath’s damage over time damage increased by 20% in PvP combat (was reduced by 10%).
  • Mage
    • Master Shepherd increases Versatility by 12% (was 6%).
    • Arcane
    • Developers’ notes: The high-end burst damage of Arcane Mage was reduced with the release of Fractures in Time, so we’re increasing the damage of Arcanosphere, as we’d like it to be a more threatening piece of Arcane’s toolkit. We’re also increasing the baseline damage of a few rotational spells, as Arcane’s overall damage has been lower than we would like, and Nether Tempest has not felt like a competitive spell in PvP.
      • Arcanosphere damage increased by 25%.
      • Arcane Missiles damage increased by 12% in PvP Combat (was 5%).
      • Arcane Orb damage increased by 30% in PvP Combat.
      • Nether Tempest damage increased by 150% in PvP Combat.
    • Fire
    • Developers’ notes: We’re offsetting a few recent damage reduction adjustments and greatly increasing the damage of Living Bomb, with the goal of making it a viable talent option in PvP.
      • Pyroblast damage increased by 18% in PvP Combat (was 12%).
      • Fire Blast damage reduced by 3% in PvP Combat (was 8%).
      • Phoenix Flames damage increased by 22% in PvP Combat (was 16%).
      • Living Bomb damage increased by 300% in PvP Combat.
    • Frost
    • Developers’ notes: We would like Ray of Frost to remain a threatening cast, but still feel it’s slightly more lethal than we’d like. Frostbolt’s damage has fallen behind other options, so we’re increasing its damage to reward casting. Snowdrift’s activation has felt a little too difficult for the amount of risk involved, so we’re reducing the time to trigger the stun effect.
      • Cryopathy is now 50% effective in PvP Combat (was 60%).
      • Frostbolt damage increased by 150% in PvP Combat (was 100%).
      • Snowdrift now has a 2 second activation time (was 3 seconds).
  • Priest
    • Angel’s Mercy’s cooldown reduction is now 25% effective in PvP Combat.
    • Discipline
      • Penance damage and healing increased by 15% in PvP combat.
    • Shadow
      • Mind Trauma now steals 2% haste (was 4%) and stacks up to 9 times (was 6).
      • From Darkness Comes Light now stacks up to 25 times in PvP Combat (was 50).
  • Monk
    • Yu’lon’s Grace effectiveness reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
    • Windwalker
    • Developers’ notes: Windwalker Monk’s damage profile is more bursty than we would like, so we are moving more of its damage into base rotational spells.
      • Rising Star critical strike damage bonus is now 50% effective in PvP Combat.
      • Serenity now increases damage and healing by 10% in PvP Combat (was 15%).
      • Whirling Dragon Punch damage is now increased by 120% in PvP Combat (was 80%).
  • Shaman
    • Elemental
    • Developers’ notes: We feel the backlash damage from Flame Shock has not been sufficiently high as to make the decision to dispel it compelling.
      • Control of Lava damage increased by 40%.
      • When gaining the Ascendance effect, Lava Burst will no longer automatically be cast on a player target affected by crowd control that breaks from damage.
    • Enhancement
    • Developers’ notes: We feel the backlash damage from Flame Shock has not been sufficiently high as to make the decision to dispel it compelling.
      • Control of Lava damage increased by 40%.
    • Restoration
      • Now regenerates 700 mana per second at max level in PvP Combat (was 800).
  • Warlock
    • Abyss Walker is now 100% more effective in PvP combat.
    • Impish Instincts now reduces the cooldown of Demonic Circle by 3 seconds when triggered (was 2 seconds).
    • Affliction
      • Haunt now deals 230% increased damage in PvP combat.
  • Warrior
    • Slam damage is now increased by 85% in PvP Combat (was 48%).
    • Arms
    • Developers’ notes: We’re increasing the damage of Bladestorm baseline and removing some power from the Unhinged talent, as its damage could be unpredictable for both the Warrior and their enemies. We’re also increasing the damage of Overpower to increase Arm Warrior’s consistent pressure.
      • Overpower damage is now increased by 30% in PvP Combat (was 20%).
      • Bladestorm damage increased by 40% in PvP Combat.
      • Mortal Strike damage increased by 10% in PvP Combat.
      • Mortal Strikes from the Unhinged talent are now cast at 60% effectiveness.
    • Fury
    • Developers’ notes: We’re increasing the damage of a few Fury Warrior spells we feel are not impactful enough in PvP.
      • Execute damage is now increased by 25% in PvP Combat (was 10%).
      • Onslaught damage increased by 15% in PvP Combat.
      • Ravager damage increased by 30% in PvP Combat.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a player in the New Player Experience to become permanently, unintentionally unable to resume the tutorials.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Fixed some issues around the general interactions of Death Knight’s Desecration with its targets.