WoW Hotfixes - Updated October 21

To little to late…

At this point it should be available to anyone regardless if they PvP just so they can collect the armor appearances.

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Blizzard, where are the “Fated Equipment Chests” that were to be sold for 500 valor each? I saw screen shots of them next to the PVP conquest point equivalent but the valor ones didn’t make it to live? Are they to be implemented later? Not at all? I can not find any article on wowhead explaining the reasoning to them not being available.

I have some 16-18k valor points that I have no use for. I was looking forward to leveling a new alt with this 50% bonus xp and then making use of this overflowing valor to gear up quickly enough to join keystones. Now I’ve lost the motivation if it involves doing an m0 world tour again.

I believe you’re talking about the thing being sold as of today by the Heirloom vendor next to the Oribos flight master?

There is the “Eternal Equipment Chest” which is bought with Conquest Points, the rated PVP currency. “Fated Equipment Chest” was the M+ equivalent sold for 500 Valor Points. I checked after reset and didn’t see them. So unless it has since been Hotfixed, then they aren’t there, but I will go check again! Thank you.

Yeah, they are still not appearing for me. I appreciate the reply though! I scoured wowhead for any reasoning from Blizzard as to why they didn’t get added in today. I won’t hold my breath for a blue post reply though.

Good to hear, PvP alt players have been wanting this

Pre-patch, soon?

The following hotfix has been applied to Shadowlands realms:

OCTOBER 21, 2022


  • Fixed several issues that made it difficult to complete This is Fine on the Hylbrande encounter in Tazavesh: Soleah’s Gambit.