WoW Hotfixes - Updated March 20

It required 103 energy not 100.


Fixed an issue where Calling the Shots was incorrectly receiving more benefit than intended while using the Chimaera Shot talent.

I mean… does any hunter still play Marksman after Double Tap was taken away?

My dudes. Quaking is comming again. And i havent read in any of your notes that balakar khan mass grip spear + quaking was adresses. Its bricking the keys left and right …exactly like last boss in iron docks.


Nerf the ridiculous mana spring? We are a joke? (yes, sadly, we are)

My poor Guardian Druid… smh… buff his Mastery at least…. Just, something ya know… I was so excited to dig him out for this expansion, poor guy, starting to get dusty again…

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Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

January 31, 2023

Auction House

  • The Mobile Auction House now properly displays Dragonflight enchantments.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Algeth’ar Academy
    • Crawth
      • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause Crawth to not appear after defeating the gauntlet.
  • Mythic+
    • The Nokhud Offensive
      • Fixed an issue that caused Quaking to apply to players during Blakar Khan’s Static Spear effect.


  • Ohn’ahran Plains
    • Fixed some issues to prevent “Field of Ferocity: Redux Master of the Hunt” fights from permanently getting stuck in an unusable state.

will Worgen characters ever get a ‘Visage’ feature, like the Dracthyr do?


Crafting UI still leaks memory while crafting.

1.5 GB per hour memory leak when the craft rate is a craft taking 1.8 seconds.

A /reload rolls back the leak to the start.

The quaking happening during Blakar Khan’s Static spear effect is definitely still happening. Wiped twice on the lass boss back to back due to this mechanic and of course bricked the key. Just finished this run about 30 mins ago. These notes were posted 4 hours ago. Unless a restart is needed?

Excellent change, now can we please also have Quaking not start its cast until someone enters combat? It sucks having Evocation get interrupted because it started after my channel begins but hits before it ends preventing me from getting my stacks and ruining my burst window.

Thank you :+1:

really would like to play one of these damned days but cant seem to with all of the stupid maint left and right


At what point do these day after day patches and massive downtimes warrant a return on the monthly subscription?
I pay to be able to play - not sit around on forums waiting to find out why I can’t


They haven’t done that in years, but I remember in Vanilla they would comp people for it. Now Bobby Kotick demands they don’t so he can keep that extra money for himself.


Quaking should also be removed during Bonemaw’s Inhale in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds.

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Boring… You made the game so boring… This expansion.

Scheduled maint entails being scheduled. Fixing mistakes because you simply refuse to do as everyone suggests is due to poor leadership. Challenge me if you choose Blizz.
It really is simple, My career was based on large scalable networks that HAD to work. When we implemented changes, we tested them on closed networks… You know build your build, run it on the servers that are closed. Adjust and retest, continue until no issues, then copy save run! Push to live network.

On top of the “Why does this large scale operation continually repeat the same mistakes”
In my recent “Bug Report” of Offering Items at a certain lvl for quest completions only to have the item dropped 20 lvls when it hits my bag issue. The explanation given by 7 GM’s is that “the system downgrades ILVL of items to your overall Gear score”

Really now… So in essence making all players play longer and longer to achieve a lvl that your system determines for us, and not our ability to overcome tougher tasks in order to receive higher gear as to simply do it ourselves …

If you all want to fix this. Un-Sub and let them feel the financial consequence of their ridiculousness. Otherwise, nothing here will impact them as much as they do you.


Absolutely spot on. It is their game. You just enable them with money to do it. They are confident that everyone simply will keep paying. Truth is truth, there is an absolute fix to this. Everyone simply quit until they adjust.

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And here I am just wanting to use dragonriding without disconnecting every other second.

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