WoW Hotfixes - Updated March 20

You guys cant afford me but let me know if you want someone who plays the game to help with balancing.

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You know… i was just thinking… you know who needs buffs? Tanks. Blood dk needs buffs.

Lol… these people dont play this game.

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tanks have been OP the entire expansion ???

MM didn’t feel so bad. I forgive you guys… for now.

I would contest this in the area of pvp for the sole reason that under the current dev team’s design, tanks cannot play to win-- they are stuck playing so they do not lose. The difference in mentality can be seen in the lack of a win condition that all Dps have.

For example, an Unholy DK’s win condition can be viewed as Summon Gargoyle, with the Commander of the Dead talent, where in you are able to buff the gargoyle’s damage to unhealable levels with sufficient RP generation.

By contrast, Blood DK has no equal potential… The best you can hope to do is wittle down an enemy, or rather, “hope you gut them before they gut you,” but this is not a playing to win mentality.


I would like to know why the issue in this imgur link is not addressed in the list of Hotfixes:

The player in said imgur link is using level 70 gear, on a level 60 toon. The chest and boots ARE currently fixed on the PTR via slapping a level 70 requirement on them, but the ring is NOT.

THIS is why people say lower level brackets are imbalanced-- Because you have blatant cheaters.

Why does a fix like this take MONTHS to roll out when your people have already stated that it is bug abuse? (if you get a 404, hit refresh on your browser. idk why it doesn’t always load correctly the first time)

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Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

February 28, 2023


  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue where Greater Judgment was not doing the correct amount of damage after its recent increase.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Mythic+
    • Azure Vault
      • Crackling Vortexes have been adjusted so they no longer chase players.
    • Nokhud Offensive
      • Ohn’ahra now counts as a lower priority target for certain player healing spells.
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Are those the orbs in last boss?
They weren’t supposed to chase us? Or is this just a nerf? Much appreciated either way.

really sad to see you did miss the devastation evoker you did have since the beta to make it good and the class is still plagued with bug that near unplayable

and to press only disentegrate if this get kick well to bad we can’t no longer does any dps in pvp

well i gotta unsub and see when you will get you s*** together to make the class good and fun to play

Thank you!!

That said the text for that in the adventure journal is now wrong. Please make sure that whomever thought that was a good mechanic gets pelted with every nerf dart in the office at a distance of 20’ while wearing safety glasses. Having a mechanic like that where there was no way to get rid of them was absolute pain. As a tank they would inevitably hunt me down and just murder me unless I did the kite against the wall strat.

Yes they are.

They were intended as a healer mechanic apparently:

But would inevitably chase down and murder the tank.

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is this some kind on joke or something? or are you just insulting the entire PvP community? the entire class is absurdly broken and this is the only single nerf they got?? wtf?

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

March 2, 2023

Trading Post

  • Clarified some language and categorization for the Trading Post activity related to collecting the Trader’s Bicorne appearance.

You are so out of touch with us players not even funny.

all im hearing is wah wah wah…im going to unsub…see you all monday

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Yeah when you going to have 3 of you spell that are bugged and not even get fix after 8 month and since the beta trust me you wanna throw your PC through the window.

why I would buy a game that are broken and the devs not want to fix it if you want to get milked it’s up to you and if you wanna burn you money to.

for me there plenty of video games company out there that are really great and deserve the praises

And no way the blizzard of 2006 would release a game in that state not even a class that have game breaking bug

And yeah I can live without WoW I really did unsub until the extension will get fix I wouldn’t not renew my subscription

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your joking right…

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No the proof are you did begin wow in 2019 why I would argue with you ? You achievement don’t lie

yes because this is sooo my first and only account lmao. you know what was it 2005 when they had the game breaking blood bug that literally made the game unplayable. there were several major bugs back then. the thing was people just didn’t care because it was just a part of playing an mmo.

Then stop being a troll and post on you primary account until then I would not take your word

i love posting on this account because of people like you. i posted proof that what oyu said was bs. in turn you try to discount it based on me posting on an alt lmao. just shows you have no real leg to stand on.

Dude you not even play a evoker you just another troll for me and you not even have the guts to post on you primary account in top of that, that just shows how immature you are and can’t still make a argument why the class is broken

Just defend blizzard like you do I’m sure even if they throw you s@$# in you face you still want to eat it and continue to throw you money like you do

Anyway I lost my time with you so welcome to ignore list